you should hang some charley harper on your bedroom wall. you'll have sweet dreams of circles and seashores and grey.

charley harper's work reminds you of childhood and the woods and the pleasing simplicity of basic shapes which are all pleasant things if i do say so myself. why yes, yes i do.

i first learned of him when jeremy bought me his birds and words book for valentines day this year. it's a picture book mostly but the whimsical stories that go with the drawings reveal not only an artiste, but a true lover of nature.

he drew for ford times magazine for a real long time but his works have also been anthologized in some beautiful coffee table books that you should buy and leaf through and fall asleep in. face down from your reading position sprawled out on the carpet floor.

in the introduction to birds and words, written by todd oldham, charley harper's work space is described comme ca:

"his tiny studio off the family home he shared with his artist wife edie and their son brett was full of all kinds of nature field guides and text books".


more perfection: bacon and a bird and a campfire blowing whimsically eastward in the wind.


steph said...

these are AMAZING!!!! i saw some charley parker works here and there down in minnesota, love him! thanks for introducing me

steph said...


Anonymous said...

How do you guys find such wonderful, cool people/things?!? I love the nesting birds and the swimming ladies and the bird with bacon and the ladybugs on the heart shaped leaf. Okay, all of it! Wow! Awesome :)

Bethy said...

I love, love charley harpher!!! I've wanting to buy some his signed prints for so long. also you can get unsigned prints at

4 said...

how strange life is. I was searching for Charley Harper pictures to put rapidly on my blog and I discover your blog. The latest template that I use was the same as your actually.... so I drop you a note and will stop by again... 4.