sometimes when i get the place to myself i'm the girliest girl you could imagine. jer leaves, the door closes and i'm seperating my toes with foam dividers and painting them hot pink.

sometimes i try on all my clothes and curl my hair.

but thrown in with the make-up trials and the familiar lines of sex and the city in the background, there are times when i'll spend hours looking through photos of us and our life together so far.

and it always makes me feel overwhelmed with my love for you.

and so amazed that we found each other in the cosmos.

i like to look at pictures from one year ago. it's a neat way to remember how you were feeling, what you were wearing and how much your hair's grown.

our photos from may 2009 all have this same peach glow - must be springtime. and sophie. and being a stonesthrow from our wonderful wee wedding.
i drew all this stuff! myself! with the writing pad and software thinger that jeremy bought me for christmas!

the pad and pen are called bamboo and the program is corel and i highly recommend you get them both and take the tutorial and begin your career as a part time artiste. that's en francais for artist when you add the e on the end.

there's normal paint brushes and chalk and any other writing utensil you can think of transformed electronically but also there's patterns, like the cherry blossoms and ferns above.

there's exposures to play with and all sort of paper types to select and still the freedom to make blue dogs with wings, if that so be your desire.

here i started with a photo of a spider and changed it to a woodcut and played with the contrast and smudged in peaches and now it looks like people in a city who are pink.

i think modern art might be a happy mistake you make on the way to realism.

sally sells sea shells on the sea shore. the fish come to buy but the prices are too high and anyways, sally doesn't deal in soggy dollar bills.

i drew this snake with the vine pattern tool and the grass pattern tool then zoomed in to give him eyeballs and a tongue. now he lives in the computer waiting for me to draw him a mate.

after that he'll get a house and a car and a garden he can work in.

i'll pay him in pixels.

i am always making this face. or a variation of this face. i feel like someone could squint their eyes and still pick me out by my oversized grin that some aren't sure to take seriously. but oh i'm serious. it's 7 am and it's earth day and i have a sign and a group named 'plants and animals'.

250 school kids from different schools came out to spend the day planting trees and learning stuff. we waited with our signs as the buses dropped them off in droves. it's that moment when you're hopeful for organization. later you're happy the day has become it's own organic thing.

we planted white birch, white pine, dogwood, cherry blossom and spruce trees. i think some elders too. the kids liked to ask what each tree was good for which is an easy question with a big long list of answers. they're good for us! for animals! for the earth and the air and anyone who likes to lie in the shade!

an alarming number of children were reluctant to touch the worms. just go for it kiddies! worms are just people in slimy, no-eyed outfits. who eat dirt and reproduce with themselves.

this picture got printed and is hanging at work, on the wall in front of our two desks. it's the third in a series. it's great to find a kindred spirit who gets the importance of balancing do-gooding and taking pretty pictures to document it.

we're deers! or egyptians. or old and losing our hearing.

the richmond hill paper took this photo for, i'm assuming, the front page. though they didn't ask our names i'll bet the caption reads "girls in brown tops save earth and have fun doing it".

happy earth week, everyone. if trees had hands we'd hold them! and wash off the sap before eating.
jeremy bought these from etsy and they came in a giant box in the mail from australia and when he brought them home he snuck them in the front door like a fun surprise.

they're crocheted record pillows! with hand stitched labels! and one made especially for me!

jer asked if i knew all the songs on this album side. he obviously forgot who he was dealing with.

i am enjoying tai chi.

so far i have three of the one hundred and eight moves down pat and apparently there's quite a lot of the same move chucked in with the new ones so i'm looking forward to all the times i can say 'i've totally got this part!'.

i'm taking classes at a martial arts place and i might be one of the only one's who doesn't stay after to study kung fu. next week i'll also join the silent sitting meditation. twenty minutes sure sounds like a long time to be still but the teacher said 'we all start somewhere'.

he also said that learning tai chi is like learning a language - first you learn letters, then you learn words and soon you can write your own story. i love that.

you bow when you enter the room and you bow to everyone when you're through and the teacher says it was so nice to see you when you leave. like how that lady in romper room called out your name and you felt she could see you through the tv. what's the point of being here if you aren't recognized for your here-ness? i guess it's important to get to a place where you're happy with your own. where you can actually feel what it is to be connected to other people, the earth, the atmosphere, the energy of all of us suspended in space, without someone reminding you.

jeremy's dad made a tai chi joke about how i was going to hit him with a slow moving finger which is funny every time i think about it but also it's TRUE. underestimating the turtle, the rabbit loses in the end when he decides to take a nap in the middle of the race.

not that there's anything wrong with napping. or hitting if it's done in slow motion.

jeremy took me on a date on friday and not just any ol' date, a real surprise 'meet me after work at this location and i'm going to take you someplace' date. there were even reservations. under sorrell.

he took me to starfish on adelaide just west of victoria and we had beers and oysters and the fanciest french fries a potato could aspire to. and i saw this guy from rush!

celebrity sightings are odd but mostly because you realize they're just people with hair doos and funny goatees and they like to eat at restaurants on friday nights and sometimes they must wish they could go places without people like me, gawking, thinking they're someone from U2. i didn't realize who it actually was until i got home and googled 'starfish, celebrity sighting'.

turns out geddy lee just loves those oysters.