look how beautiful!

it was just so artistic i wanted to cry/die.

and then dance around the house with a veil on my head stepping melodramatically forward in arabesque.

if there's one person who doesn't know how to handle a break-up it's giselle

boy does she go crazy!

throws her necklace off, rips her hair out then stabs herself with her lovers sword. YIKES! i think she should have bought some ice cream and talked it over with her girlfriends instead. but i guess that wouldn't have made for such a beautiful ballet.

last night's performance of giselle by the national ballet of canada was everything i ever dreamed it would be; haunting and heartbreaking and full of splendid, classical dance.

the forest spirits of scorned lovers past who dominate the second act were haunting and magical and showcased perfectly that amazing weightless illusion of ballet.

OH WONDERFUL. just wonderful. i clapped my little heart out. and danced all the parts i committed to memory the whole way home.

little sparrow

sometimes you take a little silly thing about someone which becomes the core reason for your passion for them and you wrap that little thing in all the other things you enjoy and the person becomes to you a ball of traits and facts and snippets that you gather and take in and put together to create something quite personal.

i loved edith piaf straight away because her name is edith and i love edith sedgwick and my grandma's name is edith and i just think it is a good and clever and pretty name and in my experience all edith's have something quite special to share with the world.

read about her! listen to her! watch that movie where marion cotillard shaves off her eyebrows and becomes her!

i promise you'll want to put her in your pocket and carry her around with you for all time. and she's probably just small and french enough to fit.

doors open toronto

do you know about this? it's an annual thingee where by "175 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and/or social significance open their doors to the public" and jeremy i took full advantage!

we spent most of the day saturday participating in this fun little event criss-crossing toronto in an afternoon. we saw 7 things! or 5. we kept counting things that weren't necessarily things so the count is a little uncertain.

the don jail was one of the things we wanted to go to but the wait was 3 hours so we decided to get put in jail later on in life which would be a more authentic experience anyways.

FIRST STOP, DON VALLEY BRICKWORKS! which by the way is an old brick factory in the middle of the city undergoing massive construction to turn it into a giant greenhouse/learning centre/outdoor conservation area which employs youth at risk and teaches kids about local ecosystems and is run by my new company! very awesome.

look at the hippy in the background who has denied the bench for a cross legged position on the grass. how typical.

jeremy's photographs are nice. he does such neat things with composing and juxtaposing and whenever we look through our pictures together i'm always like 'i don't remember you taking those' and he's always like 'that's cause you were by the pond trying to talk to the goldfish'

NEXT STOP, COACH HOUSE PRESS! jeremy loved this stop and i must say it was rather neat. it was full of old printing machines some of which are still used and all the little bits that go into the machines. i love little bits! i wanted to organize the bits into compartments by size and shape. which is also a past time adored by monkeys.

i love this one! horses horses horses. when we were at lily's on the long weekend for a bbq someone said something about winning the lottery and lily and i both simultaneously said something about buying a pony. HA. so good thing our wishes haven't moved beyond what they were in grade school.

NEXT STOP, THE BAR! we got confused and ended up in here when we saw the open door in the background and assumed it was part of the event. for anyone who ever calls and speaks to jeremy on the phone, this is the face he's making while he's talking to you.

in the lunch battle of chicken fingers vs fish and chips, i think i've decided fish and chips always triumphs.

NEXT STOP, HORSE PALACE! horse palace is where the police horses live and it was my favourite stop because lily and i will be buying the place once we win the lottery.

i learned lots of important police horse information too like their manes get shaved off so people in riot crowds can't pull their hair. hair pulling doesn't seem like a very modern rioting method but what do i know!

i thought this horse loved me and we were having some kind of horse whisperer moment and then he started biting my dress so i think he just mistook me for some clover.

which, let me tell you, just happens to me all the time!

THIS is awesome.

it's twenty minutes so maybe make yourself a drink first. and then recycle your cup.

new job new apartment new outlook on life (but i'm keeping jeremy)

so the good news is i got a new job!

and it's more than good news it means a good new start and a good new chance and a good new place to put forth real effort into my work.

the position is with a non-profit organization which connects urban people to nature through various wonderful programs. NATURE! nature that i love and that i roll around in and that i put my tent up under.

i can tell you all the ways this new job has opened up possibilities and answered questions and made so much sense of so many things that haven't, but really i want to wait.

to wait and see what it's like there when i begin. to hear how i can contribute. to learn how i can CARE about what it is i do.

and i can't wait to share those things with you.


how to get transferred to an 'agent' quickly when calling rogers

when the answering robot says 'tell us a bit about why you're calling' say 'i like to go to the zoo this weekend i saw some horses tonight we're making bangers and mash for dinner and next weekend we're moving and i'm going to need my internet switched over'

they transfer you right through to someone.

(and probably record your call).

sophie can now pose for self portraits with me which means she is very advanced for her age

she just kept laughing!

and i kept thinking you're like a little person now!

and you have your moms infectious personality.


looooooooooooooooooooong weekend

i'm still mentally having a long weekend apparently cause it's almost thursday and i'm just writing this now. HA! sorry some sunshine got stuck in my ears and i had to see a doctor and really it's fine i was just being lazy thinking about how much time i spent lying on the lawn this past saturday sunday monday. it was an awesome lot.

is there anything better than sitting on a lawn under a tree in rubber boots on a sunny day playing fetch with the dog and watching jeremy do yard work? no sir there is not.

does that make me seem simple? or elitist? it's not that i like jeremy working when i'm not, but watching him engaged in something is so fun and relaxing. i used to also love watching my mom cook which is kinda a similar thing?

up -close asparagus and background onions. asparagus loves being up-close! but it's always like 'first let me fix my weird asparagus hair' which just can take hours.

i love that jer's dad knows how to put straw on the garden cause it does something. one day me and jeremy will know how to do all those sorts of things. or at least jeremy will and i'll just sing to the garden which is proven to help plants grow.

i got the house in the back of this picture by an accident and i think it's neat how it looks. i like how the giant chives are eating the little house. especially cause this is actually what happened this weekend. what a wild tale that is!

see those little sparkly looking things near molly's front legs? that's what sort of stuff appears when you live in the woods. MAGIC STUFF! or just the water reflects in a neat way when it's sunny, decide what you will!

also moments after this photo was taken, a strange dog came running out of the woods accompanied soon after by a strange woman who knew molly which we knew because she said her name and because her dog seemed to really enjoy smelling molly's bottom in like a this is familiar kind of way.

jeremy proceeded to smell the woman in a similar fashion so we had to have a talk about that later.

so yeah what a great weekend. a real winner indeed! lily i loved that lamb.

jesus is rock and roll

and anyone who doesn't know hasn't seen the movie. or the play. but the movie is based on the play so they must not have seen either.

let me tell you some things you might not know about jesus that you learn in this movie and, as jeremy puts it 'if you had known, you maybe would still attend church'

- he has a falsetto

-he's a hippy

-he's sort of badass

-he's hot

and if ever you have a trouble in the world, listen to this awesome lady sing this awesome song and you'll be like 'OH I HAVE NO TROUBLES IN THE WORLD' and also 'being annointed sounds relaxing'

hello this post appears religious.

but it's about musicals.

so a musical cult would be cool is my point.

just when you think you've got yourself all figured out

they tell you you're maybe descended from lemurs.

during my readings of this exciting monkey-person-link discovery this morning what i found most interesting was that they suspect the little fellar died due to a break in his wrist and possible toxic fume inhalation during a visit to his regular watering hole.

i know it isn't very funny but i can't help but picture that sequence of events like something from a three stooges movie. like maybe the same day he also tripped down some stairs, landed face first into a cream pie and was offered some help up by someone with a squirting lapel flower and a hand buzzer.

it would have been awesome if the hand buzzer and/or squirting flower had ended up a part of the fossil.

now THAT would have been an interesting find.


true fact: it's impossible to take an elegant/normal looking photo of your own hand without it looking gigantic and/or like a sock puppet without the sock.

i got this pretty pink manicure this week on tuesday and i think she used floor varnish instead of top coat cause usually i chip manicures by day two but this job is in tact and deflecting projectiles with a simple wave of my hand. and all for only 13 dollars no tax!

steph told me once when i was feeling blue to go get a manicure and even though i wasn't blue when i went to get this one i certainly felt spruced up afterwards. little things make a world of difference don't you think?

and pretty pink nails are no exception.

if all the world got manicures and pedicures instead of fighting with each other, then at least we'd put an end to the war on bad cuticles.

god bless long weekends, jeremy's omelettes and intelligentsia coffee

and to you i say, enjoy.


i like your new green outfit

a few days ago i took a lunchtime walk to take some pictures of some trees. my boss asked 'why' when i told her of my plan and to that i answered 'because they're doing such neat stuff right now'

i've never paid such close attention to trees in springtime before and perhaps this year i am because i've missed their leafy greeness so very muchly this winter and i don't want to miss a beat of this happy happy joy joy period of growth and change.

bloom on deciduous dandys! you look so lovely in your new spring clothes.

important countdowns

day until crazy wednesday ballet class!

days until the long weekend!

days until stephanie comes to visit!

days until my birthday!

days until our wedding!

days until the michael jackson concert!

out of towner

jared came home for a toronto/jennifer robeson/mothers day visit and he made time to go to ballet class which pleased both myself and our throngs of fans who have gone far too long without our pairs routine.

jeremy and jared are shoe twins! also their names both start with j. also i like them both. also jared grew a beard in chicago and jeremy grows a beard all the time.

me and jared are sunglasses twins! also we both take ballet. also both our names start with a j. also i don't have a beard but we both have eyebrows!

this was what toronto looked like as we were leaving from our jared beers after my jared ballet. sad huh? i told it to buck up, he'll be back soon! but it clouded over more and cried a little bit. big baby.

this one's a framer! jared's a framer. what a swell pal and a great dancer and chicago is lucky to have him (on loan).



sometimes there's so much going on in the world, both mine and the larger, that i find it hard to concentrate on any one thing.

it's like having deluxe cable and when you're watching something you can't help but think about what you might be missing on any of the other million channels.

i'd like to downgrade to basic please!

today you'll focus on this topic! and then do a craft about it! and then watch a short film with commentary!

jeremy always makes fun of how so many of my ideas sound like i want to go to grade school but i WISH that things were that way.

i find life's myriad of possibilities to sometimes be quite drowning.


that’s how my grandpa used to say antiques! he said lots of funny stuff like that some of which i’m just getting now in my adult life. senses of humour are funny like that eh? when jer and i have kids i will tell them we’re really funny right away so they’ll never have to go through that period where they are unsure.

this weekend we went anty-cue shopping and we got some real treasures for that upcoming marriage party we’re throwing. people say that after they get married they feel as though they are at a loss of what to do with their time because beforehand so much of their time and energy is devoted to planning but i don’t think i’ll feel that way at all because afterwards i’ll be planning how to be a good wife which will involve such things as baking and darning socks and rubbing jeremy’s tired dogs when he gets home from a hard day of work.

i have to get a string of pearls.

and some curlers.

and a flower garden.

i think in fact that i’m most excited for the part after the wedding because the point of it is to get married to jeremy and even though i can’t wait to party in a barn with all you people i love so much, the after part, where we’re husband and waffle wedded wife, well that’s the really sweet stuff.

sweet like the pies i’ll make to welcome him home.


do you want ketchup on your half?

me thinks that eating french fries with your boyfriend is one of the cutest activities that two in love can engage in.

apart from maybe pushing each other on the swing set.

or carving your initials in a tree with a heart around it and an arrow through it and then you have a picnic underneath it on a red checkered cloth with your picnic basket from steph perkins.

we watched the doors this weekend the oliver stone one and i think i fell more in love with pamela coursons character than with jim morrisons character but that’s a tough call because the real jim morrison in the extra features is so attractive i had to shield my retinas. i said ‘woah’ and jeremy laughed. probably because he wanted to say woah and i beat him to it. or it was a nervous laugh like HAHAHAHA oh lord here we go again.

for me, poets are always somewhat unreachable in a ‘i’m not entirely sure what you’re saying’ kind of way but the words sound nice together and it’s neat to read different peoples interpretations of the words and especially when someone has written them and then died it’s odd to think you can no longer ask questions and have them answered by the poet so you can only speculate as to their meaning.

unless you do peyote in the dessert like jim did then all your questions will be answered! by naked rainbow men on horseback!

anywho-be-doodle, pamela courson is pretty. i like her freckles and her red hair. and how she nicely shares her french fries with jim morrison.

tramps like us baby we were born to run

people love bruce springsteen.

and not just dad, all kinds of people.

the concert last night was a regular people watching spectacular and not because everyone wore a fanny pack and sat nicely in their seats with their hands politely folded in their lap (jamestaylor) but because of the enormous mix of folks.

young couples old couples couples with homemade team springsteen shirts, old dads young dads entire families who grew up on the boss, hot young ladies hot old ladies ladies ladies swinging lighters in the air, rows and rows of teenage boys rows and rows of drunken men rows and rows of homemade signs and peace signs and hail to the chief signs as the crowd payed an energetic homage to bruce who was running and jumping and playing fifteen different guitars. it was pretty cool.

the paper this morning called bruce springsteen and the e-street band 'the best bar band in the world' and that is so accurate i feel like i want to give the writer a high five (and then ask him if he wants to join me for a tequila shot). i felt like i was actually in a bar with all those people and bruce last night and even though the first half of the nearly 3 hour concert was definitely catering to bruce die-hards (of which there were plenty) the love of his tunes and lyrics was so infectious whenever i didn't know what he was saying i just rocked out with my hands in the air which seemed to be the universal language last night anyways.

and i know i say things are my favourite a lot like spring is my favourite and jeremy is my favourite and peanut butter sandwiches are my favourite but people at concerts who are loving it are my FAVOURITE. i love watching them just loving being there and dancing any way they know how and pumping their hands in the air and jumping and yelling bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce and clapping and hooting and singing along with the man they've known and loved since the days of records in their living rooms.

i feel like it's something you can always appreciate at a concert even if the person singing isn't your personal favourite. it just fills me with such JOY. and such appreciation for the performer. and you really feel like you're having this awesome group experience, (with all your new best friends from the bar).

i love you man! no, i love you man!

though this morning i am re-thinking that boss tattoo on my butt cheek. it was jeremy's idea.

how to: make a tasty tuesday dinner

toast some almonds for your salad (in a pan not the toaster. unless you have a very small toaster especially for almonds. i might invent one of those soon).

make a simple homeade dressing (4 parts oil, one part vinegar, rosemary, salt and pepper)

invite the toasted almonds and the dressing to meet up with some sliced strawberries, green onion, blue cheese and mixed greens for a summery salad shindig.

put a hat on and bake some shishkabobs in the oven.

eat some fruit and cheese later when you're hungry again instead of 5 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. or eat both and just photograph the fruit and cheese.

the shiskabobs were very good for oven shiskabobs (you broil them up at the end which makes them all grill-y like on the bbq) but the salad was my favourite part. salads are so fun to invent and there's so many options for all the components like different types of lettuce and different veggies and fruit possibilities and different ways you can change the simple dressing (by adding mustard or honey for instance). a salad is like abstract art! and like abstract art if someone doesn't like your salad, tell them they just don't get it.

which reminds me i have to write yoko ono.