jeremy said 'this is my second favourite dinosaur' and i said 'well we better take your picture with it' and jeremy said 'okay'.

jeremy also said 'you're not going to put these photos of me on your blog are you?' and i said 'no' but i had my fingers crossed.

dinosaurs are HUGE. the one in the museum entrance was so massive i couldn't get the whole thing in one shot.

also the royal ontario museum could fit in the cloakroom of this museum. we had to eventually give up or we'd still be there but the dinosaur section alone is an entire floor of rooms. mammal dinosaurs and bird dinosaurs and ocean dinosaurs! dinosaurs for everyone!

the couple waiting to take their picture at the tyrannosaurus rex were laughing when jer said 'pretend like you're running away'. pretend? who's pretending!

i wonder how dinosaurs celebrated their birthdays. i bet they ripped open their presents with their head horns.

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