happy start to the christmas season everyone

for me, it came this weekend.

maybe cause mom came early in the week as she does to do her yearly christmas visit; maybe cause jeremy and i planned our christmas gifts this weekend over large amounts of tea; maybe cause i can sense that day a coming - that day when everyone stops to celebrate together.

i won't be here this year for that, which will be a change, but i bet that calm will find me. santa seems to always work that sort of thing out.


pas de deux

last night i went to a benefit performance put on by the espressivo ballet company which is where i take my lessons that i am loving so much and it was WONderful! really truly wonderful.

my teacher, also known as the director of the company waved at me from across the room which was a highlight but the dancing and music were pretty incredible also.

i came home and strapped on my ballet slippers and danced circles around jeremy while he cooked us up something delicious and when he tried to interrupt me i shouted 'I'M TOO EXCITED TO HAVE A TWO SIDED CONVERSATION I JUST WANT TO DANCE AROUND AND SHOUT ABOUT MY NIGHT'

which is probably exactly how ballerinas act. i think.


between a rock and another rock

look at all these!

i like the log one and the rock one (above).

i bet some people wonder when they look at this house, how it was built in such narrow quarters.

my hunch is it was built elsewhere as a bungalow, wedged itself in this rock crevice during a game of house hide and seek, got bored waiting for another house to find it, gorged itself on snacks until it grew into a two storey and was unable to move back to where it came from!

that's the most likely option, anyways.

one major difference between me and photos of me

if you look up close, photos of me are made up of many many pixels. looking at real me from the same distance you will note i am made of cells and bones and silly putty.


this morning as we walked into the subway and i went to catch my bus and you went to catch your train and we kissed (like we do every morning at that same spot), it smelled of cinnamon buns and i felt warm.

also, i wanted to eat some icing.

sometimes ads are cute

like these fellers! for the calgary farmers market!

i wonder if the worm has his toque over his eyes because he has no eyes or if he's just a big show off who's all 'ooo look at me i'm a worm i don't need to see to slalom down the hill'

cause i've had just about enough of braggarty worm athletes.

tomorrow however, it's brussels sprouts.

artisan bun debate

i thought the bun looked like fozzie bear and jeremy thought the bun looked like a ninja.

we decided to eat the bun to settle the argument and it didn't taste like either, unless fozzie bear tastes like a giant pretzel.

two thumbs up for art!

yesterday jeremy and i spent a few hours looking at art by a chap named pieter brueghel who was apparently very influential in the art world for many reasons, one of them being he was the only painter in his time to paint common folk doing common folk things while his colleagues were all painting rich people doing rich people things (sitting with their dogs i think). another reason is he was one of the first people to paint scenery for scenery's sake (instead of just as a pretty background for the rich people/dog combo).

some of his paintings are of big common people parties in the woods and some of them are of the worlds craziest hodge podge of things you could just spend a forever looking at them.


don't be mad if you write him fan mail and he doesn't write back though, it's not personal he just died five hundred years ago.

the olden days had fun songs about food stuffs

so, like, when you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last do you suck them very slowly or crunch them very fast eat that candy-coated chocolate but tell me when i ask when you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last?

because i was just wondering.

wedding clue


dear advertisement,



jennifer robeson


it's ok if you cry watching this video (GET THE KLEENEX OUT GRAMMIE!)

it's ok if you don't cry too*

also it's ok if you just cry because the song choice is so hilarious

*(just maybe something is wrong with you)


i know this is really horrible and these guys are criminals and should have to face the long arms of the law but PIRATES!! real pirates!! real pirates in real life doing things!!

i hope more story time characters start surfacing here and there. like a gang of wizards. or a posse of lone rangers. or just one ranger cause they feel more comfortable solo.

this is seriously my deepest down dream, for things from adventure books and fantasy books and princess bride to come true in my everyday life. the other day i said to jer "i hope that on my death bed, all of the made-up things i've wished were so will come out and confess their realness to me"

i have a feeling he'll be doing some costume changes during my final hours.


yesterday i realized i have more than one kind of mustard in my fridge and not because the take-out place sent mismatched packets!

i think that means i'm an adult. no maybe if i have one of those little mustard serving spoons THEN i'm an adult. proper servings spoons for things are a sure sign.

i like how the one has little balls in it. er mustard seeds.


it's impossible for me to say 'swedish massage'

instead i always say 'shweedish mashage' and one time i even said ' can you shay it shweetie?' in the same sentence when i was trying to spit it out.


thankfully, i can say swedish meatball without any difficulty.

how to: play the fun image internet search game

step one: cue up the google image search finder

step two: close your eyes

step three: hit a bunch of keys

step four: hit enter

step five: look at all the neat stuff that comes up

source: all of these below pics were found using this following blind search command: gjj

today's special

if the cold was my personal trainer i would be the best/fastest runner in the world because i would always want to get as far away from my personal trainer as possible.

living here is the pits

this meal, prepared by the on-site chef using no recipes of any kind, included oven roasted rosemary cornish hen, bacon mashed potatoes and mustard lemon butter beans. with gravy.

sunday night never tasted so good!

peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

holy tongue twister title billy jean!

i want to go to sycamore valley ranch and search for mj artifacts like glittery footprints and fossilized buckles.

then maybe i could excavate a really great finding and start the neverland preservation society and name myself the board director and make an office shaped like a giant glove.

and now for an unrelated picture

(this one's for you)

i saw you!!!

today the out of doors was rainy and gray all day until about 4 pm when the sun came out through the clouds like in one of those cartoons where god steps down out of the sky with his sandals on.

minus the god part.

how to: make a tasty before dinner treat

now that i'm a fiance, i thought i'd better start to learn some kitchen things so from time to time i'd be able to take care of jeremy in the food department instead of always the other way around. also cause 'fiance' is french and french people know how to cook.

so now when people talk about recipes and such i no longer pretend i'm listening i actually listen and try out some things to see what happens and that's where this recipe comes from! listening!

i call it 'smokey cheesy cracker (with optional piece of lettuce)' and it was a hit and here's how you make it.

step one: put some crackers on a plate. the original recipe calls for 'peppercorn triscuits' but the grocery store didn't have those so i just got a round firm-ish cracker with seeds in it.

step two: put some cream cheese on the cracker.

step three: put a smoked oyster on top of the cream cheesed cracker (if you want a nice bit of fresh crunch, put a little piece of lettuce on before you put the oyster).

a good life skill is learning to see things from someone else's point of view

my point of view

spider's point of view

excuse me for my language in november

but this here tea tastes like christmas

archeological dig

eons ago (a few weeks) when i went camping i found this fossil of a snail and i thought to myself, "self, how come you didn't pursue a career in archeology?"

then i remembered i hate dust and working for all my life to most probably only find a dinosaur toenail clipping and i told myself to stop asking myself such silly questions.

radish confession

how jeremy and i spent last weekend

i was a cartoon from the 50's who baked a batch of cookies and jer was a handyman from the same era who installed a new faucet into our kitchen sink.


i hope you took some cookies in that lunchbox handyman, 50's me might have made a few dozen.

oh hello beautiful!

my oh my what pretty colours you're comprised of! and how happy you look!

i hope you like hanging out in our dining room nook thinger as much as i like having you there. i know jeremy keeps saying you smell but he means it in the nicest possible way. why, he thinks i smell and he asked me to marry him!

i think you're really dandy and i'd like to thank you for bringing spring in my home when the outside thinks it's winter.

today's special

i think turkey sandwiches on white bread really love the roof of my mouth cause they go up there when i take a bite and refuse to come back down.

it's ok turkey sandwich! the roof of my mouth loves you too but it needs a bit of space to breathe and for me to be able to bite and chew more things like cookies and orange popsicles.

smokey bear needs some new material

is 'only you can prevent forest fires' the only thing smokey bear ever says?

no 'what's new with you'? or 'how about the new american president'? just straight to the same ol' warning?

i hope i'm never stuck talking with smokey bear at a party. unless he also likes to talk about things you can cook (safely) over campfires. then we're good.

sundays are perfect for:

back to back movie watching

cookie making and eating

tea making and drinking

sharing a couch with a best good pal

the slogan i invented for candy apples

so sweet

so decadent

so impossible to eat unless you have vampire teeth

pea head

i got a new bed and it's really great but feels really high up like that bed in the princess and the pea.

i wonder if the pea in that story was hardened through some sort of fossilization process because otherwise it would have just been pea paste or pea mush under the weight of all those mattresses and not even princesses can detect pea mush when it's so many layers away.


sometimes at work i reach over and put my hand on my apple and mistake it for my mouse and shout at it when it doesn't move my little screen cursor around like it should.

sometimes things that look pretty are fire hazards

isn't this nice though?

it reminds me of the time jeremy told me not to touch the top of the lantern while we were camping and these people who overheard him gave him this look like 'why are you talking to your girlfriend like she is 5' and then he walked away for 10 seconds so i touched it and screamed and knocked over the lantern as a reaction from the searing pain and then the people were like 'ooooooooh'


i love jeremy.

another proposal

am i lucky or what?

my friend rebecca gave me this rare, multi-tonal jewel which besides being beautiful is also edible!

what a sweet idea-r. i just love gifts you can wear and eat at the same time.

next stop, nutcracker!

in yesterdays episode of jared and jenn take ballet class we learned a new move called 'fondue' which is not when you feed each other bread on sticks but when you pick your feet up to your calf and do a little hold and put it back down and look really graceful doing it.

it was a fun class but i felt a little hungry for melted cheese after.

guess what you should watch?

the fall!!

it's beautiful to look at and wonderful to listen to and it gets right inside those emotional heart string pinger pangers.


and then we can go for afternoon tea and discuss it like smart folk do.