strong like snail

did you ever notice a snail? like really get to know the guy? saturday was perfect rainy snail weather so i spent some time with a few and i'm glad to report they make for pretty good company. not heavy on the conversation or anything but solid in character and moral values.

appear to be social animals. or they don't have eyeballs and assume that they're always alone. i liked the view from their ground level eco-system - a rich forest in miniature.

i watched one in particular for quite a while as he explored the head of a flower with his goopy delicate feelers and had one of those moments where i wondered if there was someone bigger than me, watching me observe the snail, who was observing the flower. and so on and so forth until someone falls into a mirror image of themselves and the universe collapses.

happy monday! may you be blessed with the time to be snail like in speed. and may you quit that which keeps you from this most noble quest.


Anonymous said...

you are much more awesome than a snail.

Anonymous said...

This snail is very pretty...or is it very do you tell a boy snail from a girl snail? Perhaps the length of it's feelers :)
If you enjoyed the snail, you'd love our giant BC slugs! Very handsome!

steph said...

carol did you just make a veiled penis joke? HAHAHA if you did and hahahaa on me if you didn't.

i always thought snails were gross, i may have to rethink this now