painting picture prose

there was a moment here when i pondered on the safety of walking barefoot through central park. there's a fine line between shoeless and fancy free, and skidly and unhygienic. i walk that line often. the dress is a disguise.

this picture makes me think of cape cod. even though i've never been there and this is actually new york. i think it's the yellows. they remind me of 'splash' and that cape cod scene where young tom hanks falls off a boat and gets rescued by young mermaid daryl hannah.

remember when she named herself madison? it's like she unknowingly birthed a baby name trend that wouldn't start until twenty years later.

you can't tell by this photo but this day was so hot. for a spell i was glued to this wall by heat's oppressive arms. and the poster adhesive.

often i'm entranced by the way in which photos lock moments in time. like this picture of our wedding day. the version of us from october the tenth two thousand and nine is perfectly perserved in the the middle of that field in the middle of that day.

and when we're old in real life but young still in the picture we'll wink at one another like we're connected. we'll smile like we're intrinsically the same.

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