the songbirds know the score

how do you write about your wedding? what words are there to describe the deep sea of feelings that envelops you throughout the day? how do i stuff my love for jeremy into a sentence that means even half of what it should?

how do i say thanks?

it was, really, an awesome day. part magic. part love-a-thon. equal parts barn and music and a strong breeze from the west.

it was the culmination of my collection of a life so far, represented in the friends and family that have shaped it.

there were times when there was only us.

then came steph and there was this moment.

did i dream it? did i blink and it passed?

in that blink was bliss. in that blink was you.

a lifetime isn't enough for all this love.

but we'll sure make a go of it.

you know who else is talented?

jeremy is! any man who can photoshop you into a graveyard is the kind of man you want to hang on to.


i wish you one hundred mini chocolate bars. and a handful of those rocket candies. (and none of those horrible hard taffies with the halloween wrappers that break your teeth and taste like old coffee and burnt sugar).

marriage quilt

my mom made us this for a wedding present and it's awesome for the following reasons:

1. all of the turtles are a little bit different.

2. the underside is the yellow of sunshine.

3. it was made entirely by hand.

4. it's big enough for two people to share quite comfortably (which means jeremy still gets to use some after i've cocooned myself in there).

5. it makes for a pleasant alternative to a bed sheet for your ghost costume.

thanks mom! you're such a talented lady.

saturday morning stroll

sometimes i wake up before jeremy does. well all the time i wake up before jeremy does but sometimes i find something to entertain myself with while jeremy sleeps and this morning it was a lovely walk in the rain.

the colours out the window were so bright and the sky was so grey and thick with moving clouds and those things speak to me in a voice that says 'come on outside, it probably smells good'.

and it did.
a gang of squirrels (this was their leader) came running over to me demanding nuts and warm blankets. i had neither so they didn't stick around long.

i think this one was the muscle.

this is the tree at the end of our street. every day i pass him and every day i am awed by his colour and shape and strong silence. trees are amazing. only buildings don't think so.

this leaf looked like a tongue. but thinner and more like a leaf.

when it's this time of year i find myself getting friendly again with the evergreens, knowing they'll be sticking around to keep me company all winter long. they never seem to mind my fickle feelings and i never seem to stop loving how they smell like christmas and earth.

now i come in and throw the wife saver in the oven and throw my arms around my husband and throw the leaves from my pocket all over the floor to recreate the outdoors, indoors.

we'll clean that up later. x

while we're talking breakfast

this is the omelette i made last weekend.

i made many omelette's for jer on our honeymoon and realized i had a knack for them.

one morning i got up at 6 and made a really fancy one with steamed asparagus and goats cheese. i liked how it demanded patience and concentration and quiet.

i bet jeremy liked that part too.

wife saver breakfast casserole (not just for wives)

i made this actually before i was a wife and the dish called me an impostor and i called it soggy bread and we weren't talking for a month. my mom calls it 'chef saver' cause she's sweet and politically correct.

you make it the night before and bake it in the morning which is why it's such a hit for christmas and seeing as it's christmas tomorrow (it's christmas every day around here!!), i thought i'd whip it together so my husband and i could have a leisurely morning only lifting fingers to shovel casserole in our mouths and raise our coffee cups in weekend toasts.


i like how this version of the recipe suggests you serve it with cinnamon rolls. (not at all necessary). (but i like a little gluttony on a saturday morning).

this is my work halloween costume

cause there's also a non work halloween costume that happens tomorrow.

I'M A TREE! and my hair is my roots. but my roots are on top of my body so that's somewhat unnatural.


i hope you always find time in your day for the finer things in life. like standing by the colour printer at your work so no one else picks up the print job of your head.

i have good news!

mj still had it!

we went to see 'this is it' last night and no i did not cry well just the once and you would too unless you are made of the kind of stone that does not get weepy when a man in glittered pants glides in to the room.

it would have been such an awesome concert. which i KNEW. because i am smart and because michael is unable to move without spinning in musical magical circles.

go see it! and sing along. and be marveled by his marvelous dance moves which haven’t lost an ounce of their marvelousness. and catch a rare glimpse at how he helped to create his shows (hands on to the teeny tiny sparkly detail) . and grow to love him a bit more when you see his happy face being hoisted up above the stage in his famous cherry picker.

OH MICHAEL! there will just never be another you.

daisies are the friendliest flower

we took some of our centrepieces with us on our honeymoon, put them around the cottage, and enjoyed them all week long.

they came in the car in a crate and really didn't say much the whole trip except the peanut butter can one kept asking to stop for a maple glazed donut.

i loved to look at them. to wake up in the morning and be greeted by their easy cheerfulness. i also loved how they reminded us of our wedding and made me really hungry for ribs and corn.

sweetie, your insides are hanging out


to celebrate i took him to the science centre to see bodyworlds which is a plastic dead people exhibit (perfect!) and it is very interesting and i think you should go.

we also went to the planetarium which was just as much fun. stars and space are the coolest!

and now we are home after two stops at the bbq place for beer and wings and the cemetery to gather some leaves and i made us hot toddies and jeremy is waxing the leaves and i'm doing a magic trick with pine cones. i wish sundays were for forever. xx

ps jer and i are donating our body to plasticization so we can be in the exhibit when we die and stay forever together in this cool pose.

the funny thing about this picture

first i set the timer so the photo was of me spastically running back not quite making it in time.

then jeremy tried and made it but stepped in a giant turd en route and we couldn't stop laughing and i said no matter how good the photo turns out we're always going to remember the crap part.

and there are two morals to this story. first is avoid cowpies when taking a timed picture and second is that love is the funnest. we just had the very best time it was such a holiday for my soul.

anywhere he is really feels that way.

favourite thing about the honeymoon number 152

i had enough left over wedding hair flowers to wear one almost every day.

favourite thing number 212, the waterfall in the yard.

for steph (in the absence of a van) x

i come in peace and am wearing layers

i liked to take my time with getting ready. really bundle up so i could stay outside and not worry about the cold telling me what i could and couldn't do. jeremy liked to watch the production then throw a hoodie over his naked chest to join me outside. boys are made of fire.

frightening to see outside your window? or nice to know friendly aliens walk among us?

the part where we ogle the beautiful scenery