trick or treat

who picks trick?

or is trick what happens to you when you refuse to give a treat? or do you get a treat after you do a trick?


may you be so pleased with your costume that you wear it to bed, wake up in it in the morning, and forever after carry out your life as a ghost/ghoul/goblin/professor leo marvin.

guess what i did last night??!?


look at us go!

michael was so impressed with our dance moves, he asked us back to his house afterwards for pop and chips.

i declined as i had to work today and i have already used up all my vacation days.


sorry in advance to everyone in my life who has to watch me practice this every 5 minutes for the next month or so regardless of what sort of conversation we are engaged in or where we are or what it is we were previously doing.

today's special

if you are stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean you shouldn’t eat potato chips because those are very salty and snacking would only speed up the dehydration process.

unless they are low sodium and you’re washing them down with a slushie.

look at these fellows!

jeremy's made these cool stars all over the wall when it was lit up and we turned the lights off and mine had a really nice personality.

what is this about? i do not know. but it is pretty.

i like how her shirt matches her neck. snazzy!

wise words, michael jackson

if you can't feed your baby (yeah, yeah)
then don't have a baby (yeah, yeah)
and don't think maybe (yeah, yeah)
if you can't feed your baby (yeah, yeah)

mother nature, you so crazy

you know what is a pretty amazing experience?

being out in the middle of the ocean on a boat with nothing but really big awe inspiring nature items on every side of you.

3 metre high waves churning wildy about the boat; a pod of 5 adult gray whales feeding and moving and existing alongside you; a giant rock jutting out from the sea completely covered in adult male sea lions. seriously, it was like nature concentrated to the power of fifteen.

and i absolutely loved every single second of it.

sometimes i was like, 'whale hold still while i take your photo!!!' but then i would remember this is not marine land it's real nature and i loved it even more.

oh nature, i love you so much. i'm sorry if sometimes i show it poorly by being lazy with my recycling duties but i really do love you a lot. thanks for showing me and jeremy a great time on our trip and again, good job on the west coast of canada.

it's ok, all the cool kids are doing it

i got myself some wings in bc!

i felt so dwarfed by the humungu jumbo trees out there that i decided to become an actual dwarf by having wings installed. i mean a fairy, a small dwarf sized fairy with wings.

aren't they neat?!

i'm not quite sure how to shower with them on yet without them banging into the shower curtain and spraying water all over the bathroom floor but i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.

a secret about baked goods which have been wonderfully handmade using only the finest of healthy and organic all natural ingredients

sometimes they taste gross.

it's almost halloweenie!

jeremy got this video game and it's so scary i have to not watch when he plays which isn't really any different than what i do when he normally plays video games but i have to remind myself to not even peek with this one.

it's so scary that when i left last week to go to ballet jeremy said he's not going to play it because he'll be by himself which was probably just him making me feel better about being scared of a video game but STILL.



ooooooooooooooooo (say it like a ghost to make the oo's more scary seeming).

wildlife we saw in bc

gray whales
sea otters
harbour seals
my mom
sea lions
bald eagles
sea stars
sea sponges
sea shells by the sea shore

most important thing to bring with you into the woods

your clutch!

you never know what cool nature things will be available for purchase! also you can fit teenie tiny survival items in there. like very small cans of food and lip gloss.

in other news i wanted to move into this tree but jeremy said it probably doesn't get internet access so here i am back in ontario. hey nature, get with the future!

another way you can tell your holiday is gonna be a goodie

you seem to effortlessly blend into your surroundings.

today's special

you know your holiday is gonna be a goodie when the first half an hour of your plane ride away introduces you to a new delicious kind of cookie.

could you lower your voice please

the birds where we went camping last weekend were really noisy right before it got dark which was probably because they were loudly re-counting their day to their families and friends.

i was going to complain but i don't think birds know how to use their indoor voices because they're outdoors pretty much all the time.


dear jeremy,

i can't wait to marry you.

you fill my insides with delicious food and warm 'n fuzzy love stuff.

i've loved you from the start, i'll love you till the end.

also your banana bread is amazing. especially when you put those chocolate chips in there.



how to: get me to marry you

step one: make me this much bacon for breakfast while we're camping

camping invention

the primo pizza squeeze!

first you have to make pizzas on the coleman stove using this product or some other tomato saucy product then after you're done eating the camping pizzas you squeeze the person who made them for you really hard and yell PRIMO PIZZA SQUEEZE!

jeremy also likes to say 'traditional style' like it says on the label while we're doing the pizza hug but that's just because he's totally crazy.

"oh hello rock! p.s. my name isn't brian"


and it sparkles like this in real life!

just yesterday i got distracted by it's shiny-ness and fell off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic which isn't really any different than me in normal life but look! how pretty!

greatest day ever for jennifer leanne robeson

i'm still amazed at how i got through the weekend without spontaneously combusting from internal love and happiness flames.

jeremy asked me to marry him but i wanted to tell people first before i posted it on here but now it's ok to tell the world





me and email worms have so much in common!

look, we even use the same e-lingo!

and we both hate using spaces!

maybe if email worms say i love you to people, they aren't so bad after all.

also i wonder if mail marshal wears a sheriff badge.

today's special

sometimes, when you have the most wonderful weekend and 1000101010100101010 things to write about your brain is like a hoover dam and all the ideas behind your hoover dam brain are just looking for a crack or a tube or somewhere to come busting out, spilling all over the place, making their own wonderful-weekend-things-to-say lake.

weekend plans

and thenand then

welcome home


dear beautiful fall day that smells a bit like spring,

i love you.

and i’m not just saying that like how people say ‘i love you’ about things nowadays and don’t really mean it.

i really, truly love you.

will you hang around for a while?

keep us company this weekend while we're camping?

you can even sleep in the tent with us. jeremy might object at first but just whisper a beautiful fall day sweet nothing in his ear and i'm sure he’ll let you stay.

love (for real for real),

jenn robeson

rhett butler, you need a mint

the cutest blumen poster in all the land

isn't she special?!

i like the colours and the flowers and the little dots along the top of the U in zurich.

i wonder if those dots are so that pollen from flowers doesn't fall down into the U cause the U is really allergic and the dots are the only way the other letters could get U to agree to be in this poster.

dear online lyrics, sometimes you lead people astray

and even though 'thriller diller night' is fun to sing it just doesn't have the same spooky vibe as the original version.

also diller isn't even a word.

i don't think.

neat game

sometimes i like to type whatever words come to mind into the google images search thinger and see what comes up. you know, like for fun!

just now i googled 'funny old person' and this came up!


i don't really get what it has to do with funny old people though. unless funny old people tend to be scared of their computers.

i bet she's thinking "where is the pizza guy? surely its been longer than 40 minutes"

i love this painting cause it reminds me of myself but the other version. the one who wears heels and drinks tea sitting cross legged while looking out the window of her probably parisian apartment.

i wonder if the other me would ever want to hang out with this me. or if she would be like TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES! STOP TALKING WITH COOKIES IN YOUR MOUTH, YOU'RE GETTING CRUMBS EVERYWHERE!

good thing we'll never have to find out because she doesn't exist.

pagan pun

if twin witch sisters decided to open up a magic shop they could call it 'witch witch is which' and then if their customers could tell them apart they would win a free gift like a cup of frogs breath.

or whatever measurement frogs breath typically comes in.

other update

moving is difficult even when your boyfriend does the difficult parts and you mostly run back and forth looking for your beatrix potter book collection and trying to figure where in the new place is the best spot to put your novelty pickle in a can.


my friend tasha took this photo. please don't lick the screen.

the last supper

i did it!!

jeremy said 'this is really easy to make' and i was like 'mmmmm ok there creme brule' cause to him everything cooking related is easy but LOOK! HE WAS RIGHT! WHADDYA KNOW! just kidding, he's right a lot.

damn that smart and lovely boy. damn him all the way to tasty, tasty hell.

interview with kitchen counter buddha (not the same one who reads the books. this is a different buddha)

me: so, how do you feel about the big upcoming move?

buddha: well i know it's going to be a lot of work but i for one am looking forward to a change of scenery.

me: oh yeah? what are you most looking forward to about the new place?

buddha: i hear there's a lot of ledges which is great cause that is where i mostly like to spend my time. on ledges.

me vs the man

all i want to think about is my new apartment but work keeps asking me to do stuff.

today's special

i've been so busy packing lately i completely forgot to pick up the mail and today when i opened my mailbox a trillion and one things fell out.

i wish a neighbour had passed me by as that happened so i could have said "oh when will this fan mail stop coming" and then i would have put my hand up to my brow and fainted so they would know i was getting fan mail because of my acting abilities.

why i love this book

you can pretend to squish the characters between your fingers because they are so small and you are so much bigger than they are and then you can be all like GRRRR! ROAR!! I AM A GIANT!! and depending if you want to be nice or not you can let them live or crush them with one mighty blow.

but then you wouldn't be able to read the book anymore which would be an awful shame.

me "packing"

jeremy just loves when he has my help to do something!

the task at hand always gets done straight away without any sort of funny business.