new york is neat.

it’s like we had a two-week holiday in four days time and the new york city i'll remember is a modern art painting of people and buildings and the four lovely dresses jeremy bought me that are now laying out on the bed. asking when they get to go back.

i had to write things down as we did them and am i ever glad i did as even now, one day back, it’s starting to blur into one giant apple of fun times.

we had a picnic in central park on saturday with sandwiches on fresh baked breads, and vanilla pistachio macaroons.

i took my shoes off and felt the new york city grass between my toes. felt like toronto grass but more metropolitan.

we saw a gallery with warhol prints and dali originals and a wooden floor that clung to the light spilling in from the door. like its own performance art piece on wood's love affair with sunshine.

we saw hangman's elm in washington square park, the oldest tree in manhattan. we were looking and looking with our city map and mixed up internal directions and all of a sudden, there she was. massive and looming and 330 years old.

framing everything around her with broad, sweeping arms.

we saw dinosaurs at the natural history museum and stars at the planetarium. we spent an evening in the hotel lobby bar drinking dirty martinis.

everything felt so new york.

there were spots we came upon by accident, spots perfect for our personal finding. it seemed the magic of the city in fact that something that felt like yours could be found in a sea of happenings.

and there was shopping. and my husband spoiling me. and the half an hour i took out of our trip to photograph my four new loves.

i'd be hard pressed against the chrysler building to pick a favourite new york thing but something i loved and didn't know i'd cared for was the architecture.

what strength! what height! what beauty comes of old brick and new steel rubbing noses with the sky!

i took a million photos looking up, struggling to include the tops.

i feel like so much in popular culture will take on new meaning having been there now, beholding the subject of so many movies and songs and t-shirt catch phrases.

on the way home from the airport we saw a girl with one of those t-shirts on that you've seen a million times before that say i heart ny only this time i thought, 'yeah yeah,

me too.'


steph said...

oh yay
it is magical there, it is it is. i'm so happy for you
sounds like you did it JUST right for you
that little farmer dress is to die for

Alison said...

Happy Birthday!! What a graet way to celebrate!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

I heart New York too!! And I heart you baby!

Miss Yu said...