holy bing boo bonanza, did i ever LOVE this book. our new york city guide mentioned it and i remembered that jer had a copy and i picked it up two days ago and finished it last night.

and what a finish! so joyous i could cry.

it's funny to read people's interpretations of books after you're done reading them. it can be so affirming when they agree and so strange and foreign when they don't. like they must have read a different book. like they must have met a different holden.

the smart way to say it is stream of conscious narrative but i say i felt like he was telling me the story himself. it was personal and intimate and i laughed like i did in complicated kindness when the sarcasm hits you in that funny spot. right on the nose.

to j.d. salinger, thank you for being a beautiful writer.

and to jeremy, thank you for having beautifully written books hidden in our bookshelves for me to find when it's the right time.

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