let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars

i made this yesterday! it's a collage on canvas of moon images from astronomy magazines layered with cut-out marker drawings of us sorrells and our rocket ship.

i call it 'fly me to the moons' because i used four different moon images, two of which are up close pictures of the surface of the moon made to look like sky.

i'm going to hang it in our bedroom.

and make you one for christmas.


while the cat is away, the mouse will play by getting a haircut and posing for self portraits

okay okay i admit it

i LOVE glee.

i think i'm a little late for the bus but i got on a few blocks up and i'm sitting, seat belt fastened, for the rest of the trip.

it's SOOOOOOO enjoyable! it makes me want to sing and dance even more than normal which is not one bit of a bad thing. and it makes me feel like i'm hugging jared for 44 minutes. also not bad.

this guy's so cute! and inappropriately aged! he reminds me of peter wildbore a bit which means, lily, i might have a new little crush on your husband. that's okay, right? if not i suggest we battle it out in song.

two last things to love include emma's adorable outfits and molly shannon as a guest star. molly shannon is the icing on my 'i think i like this' cake.

watch it watch it watch it! and if you are already watching let's pair up and sing our favourite ballads.

when it rains on a saturday, drink tea.

i made a mobile with three pine cones, a crow feather and a skinny tree twig. i tied them all together with some nude coloured string and hung it up in the reading room, above the nest chair, beside my desk.

it moves a bit when it catches the breeze but mostly it hangs neatly, downwards, a collection of objects from outdoors, now in.

j + j

i found some chalk on the walkway leading up to our apartment so i made you this heart with our letters in it and i waited for you to come home.

and every morning we pass by on the way to catch the bus and i think how when it rains it will bleed into the grass and the worms will wear our yellow love around the yard.

like scarves.

and on his farm there was a goat

the best things about etsy are the handmade parts, the unique parts, the part where you think about someone on the other end making this goat and giving him a name and wrapping him up with an entourage of adorable paraphernalia.

like paper cranes and old photographs.

and thank-you notes on library cards.

little goat has made the transition to the barn without issue. though the high stakes poker games with donkey every thursday are a bit concerning, i'll admit a little competition has brought some colour to the farm.



what do goats say even?

probably "gimmie some cheese" or "just kidding, i can make my own".

cottage candids

are you staring at me, or is that just your wing dot?

when i was a kid i had this 'b' book that started out simple like 'big brown bear' and every page added something like 'big brown bear, blue bull, beautiful baboon' until it was 'bicycling backwards and ballerinas and baseballs' and all quite ridiculous but what a crazy and terrific way to learn about the letter b.

only they forgot to include 'butterfly'.

on the way to the cottage jeremy mapped out some cool stops en route because he's wonderful and one such stop was the cambridge butterfly conservatory which, as it turns out, is also wonderful.

it was a little expensive i think as things can be when they're roadside and selling promotional t-shirts but fun and pretty and i recommend you go.

when we bought our tickets the lady was like 'the conservatory is through those doors and the gift shop is through the other doors and down the hall is the cafeteria' and i said 'is that where we get to eat the butterflies' and she laughed and said 'no'.

i liked the ones with the tattered wings. they were still beautiful but i'd imagine much more interesting to talk to at parties. especially when they'd get into tales of their time on the streets.

i really wanted one to land on me so i could secure it to my pashmina as a brooch.

so pretty. and delicate.

i think bugs fall into four universally accepted categories - pretty (butterflies), cool (spiders), potentially painful (wasps and the like) and disgusting (everything else).

if you like bugs from that first category you should go to a butterfly conservatory! and eat all the orange slices they leave out for the butterflies when no one is looking.

summer of love

the other day a friend asked me how my first summer was going as a married lady and before that moment i'd forgotten i was married and was overcome by a wonderful flash flood of memories of the wedding and the honeymoon and i looked down at my rings and a joyful love shiver shot up my spine and i wrote jeremy a love email and when i was through hitting send noticed he'd just sent me one too. at the exact same time.

oh yeah, the first summer is real good.

I LOVE YOU SWEETIE! to the moon. and back. and then to the moon again however many more times it takes to spend eternity taking trips to the moon.

up where the air is clear

flying a kite is a funny process made funnier when the guy beside you on the beach is the obvious winner (third time running) of the international kite flying competition. all our kite wanted to do was a big ol' circle followed by an even bigger nose dive into the sand and our friendly neighbour was basically riding his kite around while firecrackers trailed from behind.

every time we looked over, he'd be using a different kite, always way up in the sky, always doing some formation of loopdie loops and squiggle dee diggles and we couldn't stop laughing in between our own desperate attempts just to get ours out of the packaging.

but then we did it.

and it felt really great.

jeremy did all the hard work which should come as no surprise but i flew it once it was up and what a thing! to pull the string and feel as though you're tugging the wind!

i think it's my favourite element, wind. so strong though invisible. and i love what it does for my hair.