as the weather heats up and bathing trunks are re-introduced as household lounge wear, us sorrells look to our roster of cook-free meals as an alternative to turning on the oven and sandwiches just might be our favourite.

they're delicious, come in endless varieties, and they're a meal i can take on with confidence and creative enthusiasm. i'm not just making dinner! i'm making art! look at all these layers!

last week i made an entire three course meal of sandwiches. first a sub themed sandwich with lettuce and turkey and cheese cut into triangles.

then a ham and old cheddar on rye with seed mustard. don't forget the pickle.
and for dessert, peanut butter and jam quesadillas.

as i licked the peanut butter off my fingers at the end of our sandwich smorgasbord i wondered, what can't sandwiches accomplish if they put their minds to it?

not a whole wheat heck of a lot, i can tell you.


steph said...

sandwiches rule
love, joey tribbiani

Anonymous said...

i dont remember getting an olive with mine tho.