over here getting an education

the reason i've been off you see it's that i've been sandwiched between some paperbacks with j.d. salinger. after catcher it was nine stories which i just now finished on the bus ride home from work. my favourite one was teddy.

even though it broke my heart.

also i read the july issue of vanity fair. the one with elizabeth taylor on the cover and the article of her long love affair with richard burton. what an epic romance!

though they'd been divorced for years, he still wrote her love letters. he wrote her one the day he died that she'd receive coming home from his funeral. it's the one letter she wouldn't let vanity fair reproduce. it's the one letter she still keeps in her nightstand.

also we have our winner for the pretty lady competition. wowsa.

and two more last things - one, my orchid is starting to bloom and two, we saw the moon through my new binoculars and i'm here to tell you the moon up close is the coolest thing ever.

second to orchids.

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steph said...

also nice: taking pictures of bracelets

(that orchid is gorgeous)