next week i'll be thirty years old. thirty years! thirty years and i still have all the same likes and dislikes that i did when i was 3.

like colouring on the floor.

in bare feet.

and dressing myself with creative flair.

and playing in the dirt.

it seems like 30 is a good time to look at your life and see the direction it's taken and do a bit of a summary evaluation of its course. i like my course. i like that looking back at little me and medium me and present day me that there's a recognizable continuum that ties the timeline of me's all together.

i like me.

go me, it's your birthday.


steph said...

you look exactly the same!!!
do you ever wish you could make your little me clothes big to fit present day me?
i like you too. happy birthday. xo

Jennyflower's Mom said...

I like little you, medium you and present day you too. In fact, i might even say i love all of you!
Happy Birthday sweetie.