proof i may be part vampire

1. i got a heat rash in costa rica

2. i get really grumpy if i haven't eaten in a while

3. sleeping in the dirt of my homeland makes me feel rejuvenated


winter storm warning (with a side of garlic mashed potatoes)

environment canada says this little snow squall we're having here is due to a low pressure system from texas.

hey texas, how about sending along something a bit more pleasant with your weather systems? like some texas peppercorn steak. mmmm peppercorn steak snow.

i bet everyone would want to shovel the driveway if it snowed nicely marinated meat. GET THE HP SAUCE SWEETIE, THERE'S ANOTHER 15 CENTIMETRES COMIN'!


sarah ennis is stephanie perkins' best friend and a hair genius and a fellow fiance and one of those people who chucks off warmth and friendliness like those people who chuck candy into the crowd at parades.

yesterday she gave me some really great personalized advice on adding some red to my coif and she told me about hilites and lowlites and nitelites and litebrites and to look up a girl named coco rocho who just had her hair dyed copper. and so i did because i like to follow instructions that include image searches but i got distracted when i found this picture.

i would like some copper hilites for my hair and some teal frosted tips for my tail, please.

i saw you!!

i know you're trying to hide from me but i saw you as i came over the hill on the eglinton east bus, just hanging out over the high school portables. and i'm pretty sure that was you in the mirrored reflection of the office building across the road from where i work.

although i respect a giant burning mass' right to a little down time, i'm looking very forward to seeing more of you in the coming months. and i'll have you know that when i do see you now i always turn my face to you, and close my eyes, and soak you in through my pores.

book report

you know when you first start to read a challenging book and you're like "i have no idea what the heckadoodle you're talking about" and the book is like "ugh, must i explain everything to you!?" and you're like "hey! you're a book you shouldn't talk to me that way!" but then you try to be a bit more patient with the book and the book tries to be a bit more patient with you and before you know it you're enjoying each others company and appreciating your differences and going for long winter walks?

yeah, that's so nice when that happens.

my trip to the suburbs, a short story

what a lovely visit to lily's i just had! that wildbore family sure knows how to treat a gal. i had four pillows on my bed, four! i made a little nest so i wouldn't fall out (cause as you know jeremy is in california and so unable to secure me to the mattress).

inevitably we pulled out lily's wedding album and i came across this little pearl of a photo. that's lucy trying to apply lipstick to a grinning baboon. why are these girls so nice to me? maybe they were afraid of what would happen if i was allowed to apply my own make-up. smart.

lily made us these by drizzling olive oil on fresh baguette slices and toasting them up in the oven and serving them with bruschetta stuff. YUMM-MEE! can i move in? i just thought since you have all those extra bedrooms...

and then there's this little peanut buster parfait, one of the best parts about visiting now. babies make adults say things like goobie goobie yoobie yoo! and make songs out of sentences and take one thousand pictures of the same thing. it's like you're watching someone who will be different tomorrow then the next day then the next day after that and you want to just eat up all the moments you get to spend with them with an ice cream spoon. very awesome.

HA and of course there's still oliver. not to be outdone by sophie he ate too many treats, got overexcited and ralphed on the sofa. he's still very cute though. i like his winter beard.


so we met stephanie's very new boyfriend this week and i concluded that he was a humorous and clever fellow when he knew the name of the giant friendly ant in 'honey i shrunk the kids'.

those sorts of things really say a lot about a person. mostly they say "we'll be able to talk comfortably in my own language", but also they say that here's a fellow who has his priorities straight.

remember how much fun the sliding down the giant grass blades seemed? and remember how scary the lawn mower parts were? i thought if i was ever asked to mow the lawn i could get out of it by saying i didn't want to chop up any potential little people living in the grass.

i wonder if anyone else envisions having their honeymoon at a place like this?

no? oh ok. but i'll take this over a suite with a two story hot tub in the shape of a champagne glass any day. actually maybe i think those are neat too, but for some other time.

HA! it's so adorable and checkered.

and here is where we will sleep, after we give each other a high five and a peck on the cheek in our matching flannel pajamas.

it would be funny if this picture was actual size and it said that somewhere on the website in really really fine print.

you're here

the sun came flooding through the windows this morning and woke me up, and i thought it was you sending sun from down south to say hello.

or it's just an abnormally sunny day for this time of year but the former sounds way more romantic.

you just won't believe it

this evening on the way home from work i thought out of the blue 'i should go to that nice jewellery repair man who re-sized my ring to see if he makes wedding bands' cause i liked how he was a giant who wore one of those old leather aprons and an eye magnifier and i get to the apartment and check the mail and there is a letter from the said jeweller with a gift card for 50$ and a thank you letter for my business and a reminder that as well as repairs he also does custom jewellery including wedding bands'.


i wrote his email right away, (which i got from the business card that came in the envelope)and told him about the strange coincidence. we'll see if he's like "um, who are you?" or "get out of town! that's such a crazy story!". i think i'm going to judge his response and then decide if i will grace him with my patronage. even though i already decided i like him.

feng shui

the pictures you have at your desk are a fun thing to play with depending what kind of writing mood you want your desk to put you in.

like if i have old family pics it makes me write kinda romantic like, nostalgic. and if i put pictures of jeremy i dot things with hearts. and if i put a picture of james taylor in concert i have a wonderfully restful nap.


since we got rid of our cable six months ago we've noticed a couple things.

one, people we know tend to block out that we don't have cable and still talk to us a lot like we do and we mostly go along with it cause it takes less effort. and second although i rarely if ever miss it, the odd time that i do i always crave watching the worst tv ever.

like 'super sweet 16', and 'the bachelor' and maybe even that one with that tina tequila girl who doesn't know if she likes boys or girls best.

i wonder if it's normal to crave the worst parts of things when you want them? kinda like when you're hungry and you order yourself two hot dogs from the street vendor, "make it a double!".

hello my name is simon and i like to only do one thing

does simon like anything other than doing drawerings? cause if not he's pretty one dimensional. what else can you tell us about yourself simon? favourite colour? do you have any pets? what do you like to have for lunch?

personally, i'm not sure he can be trusted.

updates from the fan club president

lately when i'm doing things like eating or watching a movie or writing on here i'll have to take a little michael jackson break and stop whatever i'm doing to dance to pretty young thing.

and aren't these covers funny?! especially funny is his sequined guitar belt buckle in the one and the satin ice-cream server shirt he's wearing in the other. monogrammed.


oh my goodness i just used to love this song so much i read all the lyrics and practiced it in front of the mirror while i was plugged into the record player with my mom's headphones! awwhahahaaaa i still love it a little bit.

it's really dramatic. like soap opera dramatic.

and it came to mind today because jeremy is going to california for two days for a work conference. HAHA maybe i'm a little soap opera dramatic too.

i feel
you'll like some of the pictures. and the fancy film editing. xo


today i did that thing where you twist the apple stem and say the alphabet and the letter it comes off at is the person you'll marry and it came off at j so either my true love is jeremy or myself. or my friend jenn cairns. or michael jackson and it's a surname game.

the apple doesn't exactly make the answer clear come to think of it. plus you can say the first letters really fast to get to the letter you want quicker which some may call cheating but those people are just confused.

sick day

i wonder what the sun does all day when it decides not to come out?

i bet it does what everyone else does on sick days. it stays in bed, drinks lots of tea and watches 'you've got mail'.

how many beans are in the jar?

i do not know but if you want you can come and count them and if you guessed close enough, YOU WIN!

not in any way shocking information

jeremy's chicken soup is the best chicken soup i've ever had.




or, you know, just thoroughly enjoy it when you come over for dinner to taste some.

soooo like....

standing in front of the mirror and looking at myself, wearing the gown i'll be in when i marry jeremy was completely out of this world. it was a moment that i know i will recall at the other end of my life, with perfect detail.

like maybe when i'm 80 and jeremy and i have been married for years and years and we have kids and grandkids and a bird i've taught to whistle show tunes and jeremy is reading something in the other room and i'm standing in the bedroom mirror wearing my dress and i don't see 80 year old me anymore, i see 28 year old me. and she's smiling like a goofball at me and i'm smiling at a goofball back at her and maybe we give each other a thumbs up and maybe jeremy asks what i'm doing from the other room and i say 'remembering'.

speaking of crazy jungle monkeys

i bet this is the same monkey who threw his leavings on me in costa rica.

maybe he only had enough money to buy a ticket to florida and now he's turning tricks for cash and saving up to come the whole way here.

jokes on him though, cause i gave him the totally wrong apartment number when we were exchanging addresses.

and in our hearts it's springtime

in lieu of some really great current events in the lives of some really special peoples, i've started to think about life changes and how they spring on us like a crazy monkey in the jungle when we just thought we were going for an ordinary nature tour.

before, i thought if you wanted something you worked towards it. you made a goal and you made mini goals. and i think though those things still have their value, the really good stuff just comes right to us at the most perfect time.

like BAM you have a new boyfriend and huge love and a new reason to call your home, home. and BAM you moved into your very own place in the city and you're living your very own life. and BAM you're emeril lagasse.

three cheers for wonderful somethings coming to be. and three cheers for the wonderful someones they're happening to.


you know who else had nice dresses?

scarlett o'hara!

i loved all her dresses. even that one she made herself from curtains.

i wonder if that movie had been made in the 80's if she would have made herself a dress from peach venetian blinds.
i found the dress.

and i might be considering one of those polygamous ceremonies so i can marry jeremy first and dress second.

I DO!!!!

and i promise to be faithful to you alone and not to look at any other dresses or if i do because i am only human i promise i will always think you are the prettiest most special dress in all the land. i also promise to try not to spill any of my wedding dinner on you which is a tall order but i believe with some practice and a napkin (maybe even a bib) i'll be good.

me and jeremy at bed time if we were nightside table lamps.

to market to market to buy a fat hog

home again home again jiggety-jog

house hunting

what do you think?!

we'd have to figure out where to put guests and how to restrain ourselves from shaving off parts of the outside for salads but other than that, i think it's perfect!

yum yum gimmie some

this is really tasty for something that's fairly healthy. i mean, it's not like a rice cake or anything but it's fresh and it tastes like a garden which is a really nice taste to come by this time of year if you ask me.

you just put some goat cheese on a crispy cracker of your choice and then some cilantro or parsley and then a half a cherry tomato.


jeremy got me these crazy tomatoes that come with a tomato legend on the container like green is this kind and red stripey is this kind but you can just use regular ol' cherry or grape tomatoes if you want to. the coloured ones are just slightly more comfortable in front of the camera.

viva vendredi

if friday were a person i would hug him/her and give him/her one of those kisses where you put your lips together for a long-ish time but there's no tongue involved or anything like that it's just a nice long compassionate kiss of thanks.

i need to stretch my legs

if this cold weather keeps up i'm going to have to ask for an exercise wheel for christmas and then i'm going to have to ask that christmas come next week.