you remind me of the babe

did you know about this place? kowloon walled city? it was a fort in the middle of the island of hong kong that the chinese could live in and be undisturbed by the british when they invaded only britain didn't keep that agreement and attacked the fort anyways.

empty and condemned, it later became a sardine packed community of poor folks, criminals and probably the goblin king. before it was torn down in 1993, 50 thousand people lived in area that was less than 20 kilometres square. i hope they liked their neighbours!

AND because there were so many buildings seemingly one on top of each other, inhabitants rarely saw light, giving it it's nick name - 'the city of darkness'

jeremy finds the neatest stuff on the internet and then comes home and tells me about it and we learn more on the subject together like in school. which means i'm marrying my teacher.


Anonymous said...

what babe?

steph said...

um, duh

Anonymous said...

cmon now steph - your line should be: "the babe with the power"