papa's got a brand new bag (hair-do)

with a month to go till the wedding and the bills piling up i thought, what better time to go to the salon and get an expensive cut and highlights!

sometimes though, the money you spend at the hair place is the best money you could spend. it just makes you feel like one million dollars so paying a premium for that seems a tax worth paying.

i've been going to the same hairdresser for over three years now which is a long time i feel and we've become quite close. we talk about all the important things like her latest boyfriend and how mischa barton's drug problem is causing bloat and she always cuts me the most perfect bangs which is a skill for which she should be richly rewarded.

also they make you cappuccino's there for free.

my new hair pretty much looks a lot like my old hair but shinier and healthier and it's bouncing around like it's so excited. i got red highlights which are the exact colour of my normal hair only fake which might force the question why get highlights at all and to that i say for the barista beverages.

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steph said...

thank you for posting pictures of your beautiful new hair so people from far away still get to enjoy it