dip dip and swing your paddle splashing with silver

do you know this song? do you know any other paddling songs? me neither. i also only know that line of this song so sang it on repeat the whole canoe trip down the river. and i freaked out every time the water splashed onto my wedding trial hair-do. and sometimes i'd stop paddling all together.

the beauty and humour in being with someone who you love and loves you so completely back, is that even if you are being a turd in a canoe, they'll accept you in all your glorious turdness.

and offer you some pie, warmed in the oven, when you get back on land.

magic boat dock with magic round of light in top right corner.

this is how you paddle right? haha i used to actually be good at this. my mom and i camped and portaged together in killarney when i was younger so it's in there somewhere. under levels of spaz and curled hair.


i love the fall because the sun has stopped spilling everywhere and instead chooses carefully where it will kiss. like the treetops on the edge of this river. it's a brush painted in gold but the paint is non-toxic and doesn't smell offensive.

i'm all 'what a neat picture this is going to be' and jeremy's all 'i'd like to throw you overboard'

safe on land. we had cheese and olives and wine and pie and reminisced about our jaunt down the river. funny how moods are in hindsight! right sweetie? that's funny now right?

jeremy's love and cheese and olives are a reward undeserved. i'm a lucky, lucky gal.


steph said...

hahahaha best visual

beauty pics too

steph said...

ps i actually do know that song. no idea how but i do.