new all time favourite photo

we took this walk on this trail and didn't know where it would end up and it ended up here and so here we sat. we saw a muskrat and i thought about steph and how she would hate it. then i thought maybe if i brushed it's hair and gave it a different tail she'd hate it less.

often when i'm experiencing moments of true happiness, nature and jeremy are involved.

and sometimes muskrats.


steph said...

ohhhhhh i love that picture too, it should be in some sort of contest.

muskrats are cool with me as long as you aren't getting pet muskrats

worldgoesround said...

not to be creepy, and i guess it is/// but i think i love you.
i'll be quiet now.
are you an author?
do you write children's books?
if not... please start?
do you teach preschool?
kids must love you.
i'm serious, not being fecetious.

jennifer robeson said...

wowsa bowsa thanks for the lovely comment!

i've always thought i'd like to write children's books. then i get lazy and make a batch of cookies to eat instead.

maybe one day! would it mean i'd get to be unemployed and wear neat glasses.