if you go down in the woods today

jennifer cairns came over and we had a picnic to celebrate saturday and haircuts and drinking red wine at noon. i made salad with peaches and red leaf lettuce and a homemade honey mustard vinaigrette. jenn brought cupcakes in adorable individual boxes and fuchsia gerber daisies that are staring at me right now yelling weeeeeeee cause that is the only thing gerber daisies know how to say.

jenn is lovely and our picnic was lovely and i liked when jeremy zoomed around the corner on his bike and took our photo. i also like when i told him to 'be careful' riding and watched him peel away with no hands on the handlebars MA HA HA boys.

no boys allowed at this picnic though this was a girlie picnic through and through.

pink cupcakes in custom containers to prove it.


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steph said...

aww good on ya guys!