cabin in the woods yea-ah-ah

jared was in town last weekend but we missed him because we were out of town, having the worlds loveliest time in the worlds loveliest log cabin.

it was 180 years old a place and the guy who ran it said they're not even sure who built it because it was there before the land in the area was settled. that is so neat.

it had floorboards you could see through, from the top floor to the bottom, and i liked to call to jeremy through the cracks and have him guess where exactly i was.

the place had a soul. an old soul wrapped up in quilts.

we had errands to run in the mornings, caterer meetings and florist meetings and we had to test out the corn maze at the wedding venue, but the afternoon and evenings were ours in this place that felt like home. and i could taste what life would be like for us, when we actually do get there.

tasted like camping pizzas.

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steph said...

how do you even FIND a place like this. that is incredible. the kitchen part especially reminds me of a cross between my dad's old store and black creek pioneer village.