our very fancy day

jeremy's dad has an old porsche and last weekend they stuffed me in the back of it and took me to a horse show.

how posh!

i kept thinking of bridget jones when hugh grant takes her in his convertible and she gets out with the craziest hair.

horse jumping is funny. not funny 'ha ha' but just funny like 'hmm that's interesting i'm not sure i get what's going on here'. i mean i get that they're jumping but i don't really get the point? if i was a horse jumper i'd just run my horse around the ring and pretend i was an elven sprite on the back of a magical steed which the audience would appreciate i'm sure, this sport seems rather repetitious.

nothin' say elite like a red plastic wristband! this got us free booze and food but we had sandwiches before we left and it was too hot to pound them back so really it got us the envy of everyone without a wrist band. great also.

at the end of our fancy day we drank beer inside jer's dad's fancy gazebo. jer and i think we could quite happily live in this gazebo. we'd just have to invent some sort of trolley pulley system to get food and drinks from the house.


lily said...

you look beautiful in that dress.

jennifer robeson said...


shucks. you look beautiful all the time.