past and present (and morning macaroons)

i met my new friend michelle for a saturday morning date. michelle is betrothed to stuart, who i've spoken of before, and recently the four of us have come to really enjoy one another's company.

today though, was the very first day just us ladies took some time to spend together.

it's a funny day that's grey and follows a string of sunny ones but somehow, bundled up in our jackets, walking faceward into the wind, it made the day more cozy. more intimate. more conducive to spending over an hour sifting through drawers upon drawers of old photographs in a vintage shop.

we also tried on hats. and shoes. and talked about weddings, (hers upcoming, mine in loving hindsight), over macaroons and hot drinks in tall cups. it was delightful.

and now i have these treasures, these photos i selected while in each others' company, to remind me of our date and the beautiful spring bud of new friendships.

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steph said...

oooohhhhh i love the very last bit the best