letter writing (a protest on progress)

inspired by mel's letter writing marathon, i am going to write and mail a handwritten note for each day in the month of march. i started a list of intended recipients - people i love, people i admire, people i've never met - but left the list incomplete on purpose.

email correspondence is alluring in its instant gratification. we send an email, we get an email back. there is no waiting, no wondering, no need to travel to the mailbox to spy, as if by magic, an envelope addressed in ink to us.

when i sat down to write my first letter last night i thought about all the people i wanted to include on my list but couldn't as they'd passed on. imagine the comfort to be gained if letter writing were possible across the great divide? hello, i miss you, it's unimaginably beautiful here - something like that.

i can hear a bird outside the window right now. i might include that in today's letter. all writing should seek to convey the total sphere of state that the writer was in whilst writing. the bird's song, the smell of cold air through the open window, the grey/blue sky, almost purple near the horizon.

show me your world. write it on paper with pen.

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steph said...

OHHH what a good idea. You know who would love this idea? Mavis.