i'm "pro" neuron development

we're teaching ourselves to meditate or as jeremy points out, talking about teaching ourselves to meditate. hahaha, ah my love, speaker of truths.

it's interesting though, thinking about committing time to the silence of your brain. an inward activity that focuses on, among other things, compassion and love. i'd say that sounds worthy of effort.

we're going to start learning by sitting in stillness and quiet for 5 minutes a day, just focusing on our breathing. this will likely not be a joint activity because i distract easily and jeremy for me is especially distracting. i always want to talk to him and see how he's doing. hi sweetie! we're meditating! are you feeling anything yet?

anyways, i like that it's a simple plan. small to start, you know? work gradually up to transcendence and journeys to other spiritual dimensions. that probably takes a week at least, right?

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steph said...

digging the real-time pictures :)