march missive

remember how we thought it was summer? we had to sleep with the fan on one day last week, with our legs swung languidly outside the covers. it was too soon though, which we knew it had to be, so now we're back where we started and i'm wearing a hat and scarf to blog.

i had some blood work done at the doctors. just some standard testing to make sure i'm getting enough nutrients not eating mammals and sure enough, my iron is low. i've actually had this problem before when i was young so it's not that surprising nor is it really anything to worry about i just have to eat more leafy greens and source an animal free iron supplement. time to call the naturopath! as i'm reading about iron deficiencies i'm finding common phrases like 'low energy' and 'chronic fatigue'. if this is me in slow motion, what will i be like when my levels are up to snuff? i can just see it now, jeremy replacing my supplements with placebos so he can get some rest. BUT I FEEL GREAT SWEETIE WEEEEE! *hanging from the rafters* *doing chin-ups*

yesterday something wonderful happened. while i was walking home from work a large, drooling dog was startled by my presence and proceeded to aggressively snarl at me. because he was not on a leash and because i have a history of emotion about unleashed dogs, i felt immediately infuriated. in an instant i was completely armed and ready to have it out with this dogs owner. how dare you let your dog run off leash when you don't have control over it. how dare you disrespect my personal space and right to enjoy this trail, unaccosted by your large and aggressive unleashed animal. but i didn't say any of those things. i didn't say any of those things because i realized in saying them i would only be hurting myself. i would get mad and they would get mad back and i would be yelling and they would be yelling and i would walk away feeling angry. all that anger and yelling would take me away from the present moment to a place where i would be consumed with negative emotion and belittled by my own choice to lash out and so instead, i just let the anger go. i am not an animal. i am in control of my emotions. om.

i just saw a hawk outside the window. isn't that a neat thing about where i live? that hawks often swoop by? and not in the distant horizon either, i could see this guy's underbelly. it was white with red flecks.


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melly said...

I wish I felt that way too about unleashed dogs.