if you love something, set it free. especially if it gnaws a hole through the screen to get out.

remember the rats? our small rodent friends who live with us? they cut a hole through the screen window in an escape attempt while enjoying some free range time in the art room. after being gone for some undetermined time, (we were in the livingroom, watching a nature documentary) they scurried back inside, single file. i caught the last one coming through as i stuck my head in to see what the heck they were on about and wouldn't you know, the other two were already nestled in their terra cotta pot, fast asleep.

they must have engaged in some sort of strenuous activity while on the lam. like bank robbery or speed walking with tiny rat-sized nordic poles.


melly said...

Bahahahahahahahahahaa. Who would ever leave your apartment? I wouldn't.

Sometimes I break in through the window and sleep in the corner of the craft room, just to be near to you.

jennifer sorrell said...

i knew that was you!

next time i'll leave you cookies and milk. or some less lactose-full beverage.