mornings and muffins

i get up early because i can hardly wait to start the day. every day is like that. i mean that's probably a small stretch of the truth some days it is tempting to stay warmly cocooned in bed, under blankets and beside my love, but most days i am so excited to wake up and start doing stuff.

a day! a whole new one! with eating and drinking and learning and moving and seeing and hearing!

lucky, lucky me.


steph said...

this morning i woke up and it was 9am and I asked myself, what would jenn do? and i got up and made coffee. if i still lived upstairs i would so come over in my sweats and morning-bangs. ;S.
love that plate!

jennifer sorrell said...

Gah. I miss living down the hall and up some stairs from you. Let's do that again one time in life, yes?