your still lovely, laneway.driving by my old house was more of an emotional experience than i thought it would be. i worried it wouldn't be there or would be different looking or the trees would have lost their features that i remember so well. then we rounded the corner and jeremy pulled to the side of the road and it was like we'd driven back in time 15 years and i was home.

the sun porch on the front is no longer enclosed and the cedar shingles on the side have been painted yellow but everything else is EXACTLY the same and i found myself feeling so happy and relieved and as though the house had been waiting for me, as i had been for it.

and the trees are just as i remember.

i used to climb up the low roof side of that little green barn and sit on the top and the sharp edges would pick at my pants and the heat from the sun would warm me from underneath.

they say you can't go home again but i think that they are wrong. this place felt so familiar still, after almost two decades, it would have felt completely natural to walk in the side door. even looking at these pictures i am filled with such a strong connection to my younger self. this is the laneway i learned to ride my bike! these are the trees i hid beneath! that's my bedroom window over the front porch!

i had a wallpaper border of peach coloured rabbits. and a sill big enough to sit in and look outwards at the world.


steph said...

in my old room i had holly hobby wallpaper, holly hobby curtains, sheets, a holly hobby doll and a nightgown that matched the doll's dress.

i can picture you in that house.

Alison said...

So pretty! What a great house to grow up in.

Anonymous said...

whats a holly hobby? I had muppet wallpaper, and a rusty swingset.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow! Emotional, you're right :)... like seeing an old friend again after so many years and seeing them just as you remembered them...the only thing missing is the wonderful split rail wood fences across the front yard. I'm glad you have such great memories of this place. Wow! Look at the size of the hedges we planted along the driveway side at the back!