the best part about winter around this joint is the annual buffy marathon. this is its third year running and we still toast with champagne at all the important parts and there's lots of important parts so there's lots of champagne. it's a simple mathematical equation.

we keep track of things like which characters kill how many vampires and which demons kill how many people and last year we kept track of how many times giles gets hit in the head so we switch up the categories but the fun stays the same.

i know i'm in love with vampires and demons and things from the netherworlds but this show is the best. it's funny and smart and light and deeply sad. like a good book it's the depth and the sincerity of the characters that pulls you through. often you forget about the fantasy stuff cause the truths are so truthful and well thought out.

and buffy, well, we all have a little slayer inside us. and a bad boot collection from the 90's that we'd rather forget.


steph said...

hahahaha i read these backwards. tis the season for toasts. TO CHAMPAGNE!

hahaha does she wear doc martens?

jennifer robeson said...

those chunky heeled tall boots plus i think sarah michelle gellar has very large feet or large feet prostethics i am spelling prostethics wrong.

champagne for everything!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Hahahaha! What a riot you guys!!