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on the way home i noticed a sign in the coffee time window that said 'soup and ciabatta club' and i thought it would nice to be a member.

we are moving the mantle to it's spot after three days on a plastic drop sheet where it's spent its time drying and getting used to its surroundings. we painted it a colour called 'canadian grey' so it looks like a moody sky with a hint of spring.

mmm spring.

today i took a walk at lunch and thought it seemed brighter than it has in some time but then the wind blew and my hood came off and i remembered it was winter still and i'd just have to keep on being patient.

our little tree is doing well so that's a nice reminder of growth and renewal and what plants naturally do when it isn't minus ten. you're actually supposed to prune it like a bonsai but i kinda like how it looks au naturel. also i don't want to poo poo it's creative growth style so early on its life.

steph sent me a book in the mail, a real goodie. she's a real goodie.

jeremy put up a new shelf in the kitchen to hold our cookbooks cause now they're up above the cupboard and the only way to reach them is to drag a chair into the kitchen or invite inspector gadget over for dinner but he just never knows when it's time to go.

sometimes i feel like i can't stop looking at our wedding photos. like i want to print them all out and scatter them everywhere and go about our daily business surrounded by images of our wedding. and honeymoon. and life.

this weekend i'm going to make homemade granola cause i hear it's pretty simple and amazingly tasty but mostly cause i like thinking about waking jeremy up on saturday morning, with the smell of baked oats and honey.

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steph said...

hahahaha i bet you'll always find new ways to wake jeremy up on a saturday morning