sweetie smells of sawdust
jeremy made us a fireplace mantle!! from this freehand design he made up in his head!!

we saw one at chad and ryan's with candles underneath and it made their living room so cozy and warm so he got to work on planning and construction and now we have something to hang our stockings on next year.

it needs to be sanded and painted and candles need to be added which are all areas i can help with but look how cool!

i think we're going to paint the bottom with a light grey-blue wash so the wood grain shows through and the top we'll stain dark and you can come over for drinks and we'll all gather round the fireplace and i'll read aloud from a giant book from the olden days.

i too recently made something all by myself. it's a vacuum cleaner, a piece of pizza and pizza crumbs all made from the wrapper of a ferrero rocher!

obvious where the talent lies in this marriage. though i'm confident jeremy will find his niche one day.


steph said...

hahahaha i love the final visual.

awesome work guys!!

we still have your foil spoon btw

Alison said...

AMAZING! Way to go Jeremy... and you too of course.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow! It's awesome...the vacuum cleaner I mean. And I know Jeremy will catch up soon :)It's good that he keeps trying!
Sorry Jeremy...I couldn't resist! It is a real work of art and I can totally see it finished with candles and storybooks and wine, always wine:)

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh out loud!
It's 2010...we need to make a date!