on this hour of mantlepiece theatre, our mantle!

this was our first large scale construction collaboration and i use the term collaboration quite generously as this was clearly jeremy's baby. jeremy's wooden, nailed together baby. but the baby let me sand it and paint it and even though jeremy's the favourite parent i think we share something quite special. (read when jeremy's out i feed it junk food and let it watch television with swear words.)

i painted the bottom part a colour called canadian sky. i love sky! i love bringing sky into the apartment through a well named paint chip.

jeremy stained the top part dark walnut. not as well named but still very attractive.

i enjoy how our home is looking more and more like a cottage. or a flea market. or a flea market moonlighting as a cottage. and i love all the tools on the red bench in the back.

in the future jeremy will have a wood shop for all that stuff and he'll be in there on saturday mornings and i'll bring him coffee in a thermos and ask what he's making and he'll say it's a surprise.

the dog really loves the new fireplace too, the warmth is good for his arthritic bones. especially as he insists on laying down in yogic poses.

those photo frames need photos, (and i know just the ones), and that phrenology head needs a hat if he's ever to go outside but we're basically done!

let's roast chestnuts and marshmallows and our buns when first we come in from the cold.



steph said...

lookin good sorrells!

Alison said...

Your place looks beautiful!! So cozy and warm. The fireplace looks great and I love your wall of pictures. I've been wanting to try that out myself.

Anonymous said...

The fireplace is so awesome you guys! How fun to build it and paint it yourselves and it makes the apartment look so warm and homey. But best of all is the lovely little doggie curled in strange poses in front of the roaring candle fire :) Perfect!