on saturday i like to dress up. i put bobby pins in my hair and pink gloss on my lips. i ask jeremy to take a photo of my pretty grey sweater. i go for coffee with jenn cairns and we share a bench seat by the window.

we talk like old friends who don't need a backgrounder.

i come home and the house smells like lemons and jeremy's been cleaning and now he's on the couch with his feet tucked behind him and he looks like a frog or a boy watching cartoons. i kiss him on the head and he smiles.

i sit down to write and i look out the window. the sleeves on my sweater are the perfect long length. only my fingers are bare as they slide along the keyboard and find their right keys. i type to you.

i toast to saturday.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the cup. It is so sweet and so you and has such warm memories...I loved to see it there on your table. Your Saturday sounds fun and your sweater is awesome..I love it :)