robeson, you done me real good.
i’ve had a lot of people ask why i’m changing my name so i’ve pondered on it and i’ve slept on it and i’ve asked the magic eight ball for his opinion and i’ve come up with an answer. a real goodie.

i’m changing my name because i feel that in doing so, jeremy and i have become a unit in an outside-looking-in type way. we’re the sorrells! so nice to meet you! won’t you come and sit by the fire? mr. sorrell built it with his bare hands.

i also like that if we had children or adopted children or saved a pet monkey from its horrible circus life that we would name that monkey, 'something sorrell'. the sorrell family! the flying sorrells! we'd go on tour twice a year.

i like the idea of being a sorrell because i like the idea of being a part of jeremy’s family. of BEING jeremy’s family.

i think marriage is a transition in many ways. it’s about merging with someone all your dreams and hopes and fears and laundry and for me, sharing a name is a very real representation of that.

i loved being a robeson for 29 years. and i’ll love being a sorrell for the rest of my lifetime.


Miss Yu said...

I just thought about the second week we started work together and you told me your funny quandary about what to do with Jeremy's underwear.

I knew we'd be friends forever.

steph said...

ohhhhhhhh i love this missive! so funny and sweet and smart.

the laundry part made me snort some coffee out my nose.

steph said...

but i do have one more thing to say:

to me, you will always be jenn robecon