the songbirds know the score

how do you write about your wedding? what words are there to describe the deep sea of feelings that envelops you throughout the day? how do i stuff my love for jeremy into a sentence that means even half of what it should?

how do i say thanks?

it was, really, an awesome day. part magic. part love-a-thon. equal parts barn and music and a strong breeze from the west.

it was the culmination of my collection of a life so far, represented in the friends and family that have shaped it.

there were times when there was only us.

then came steph and there was this moment.

did i dream it? did i blink and it passed?

in that blink was bliss. in that blink was you.

a lifetime isn't enough for all this love.

but we'll sure make a go of it.


steph said...

i wish i could say "for you, there will be no more crying" (ahaha im so lame) but that picture of you walking and smiling is just too much.

all of these are omg.

you have made me the happiest girl in the world.

pahahaha xoxox

Jennyflower's Mom said...

It was one of the hightlights of my life...sharing something so special with you and, well, just everyone there was wonderful! And I agree with Steph, it's hard not to be "so lame" but omg it was amazing!
P.S. love the pictures!! :)

Louie said...

what a beautiful wedding, thanks for sharing it!!!!!!!

lily said...

hate to be lame, but wow. the pictures, the day, it was all just so special. and you, my lady, were beeeeautiful. can't wait to see the professional pictures.