saturday morning stroll

sometimes i wake up before jeremy does. well all the time i wake up before jeremy does but sometimes i find something to entertain myself with while jeremy sleeps and this morning it was a lovely walk in the rain.

the colours out the window were so bright and the sky was so grey and thick with moving clouds and those things speak to me in a voice that says 'come on outside, it probably smells good'.

and it did.
a gang of squirrels (this was their leader) came running over to me demanding nuts and warm blankets. i had neither so they didn't stick around long.

i think this one was the muscle.

this is the tree at the end of our street. every day i pass him and every day i am awed by his colour and shape and strong silence. trees are amazing. only buildings don't think so.

this leaf looked like a tongue. but thinner and more like a leaf.

when it's this time of year i find myself getting friendly again with the evergreens, knowing they'll be sticking around to keep me company all winter long. they never seem to mind my fickle feelings and i never seem to stop loving how they smell like christmas and earth.

now i come in and throw the wife saver in the oven and throw my arms around my husband and throw the leaves from my pocket all over the floor to recreate the outdoors, indoors.

we'll clean that up later. x


steph said...

yes mmhmm lovely yes yes


even if you're not blogging them send a girl a bone!!


steph said...

also that first squirrel looks a little worse for wear. or like a bear-squirrel hybrid.

they don't have squirrels here really. or raccoons at all. weird eh? yesterday ryan and his mom were so tickled to see a grey squirrel in the yard, and i was like, that rat with a puffy tail? i mean, yaaa ain't nature grand.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

I love Steph! Finally I have found someone who agrees with me that squirrels are just rats with furry tails!!!

Anonymous said...

that squirrel looks like it had more than enough to eat already.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

I really love your tongue leaf. It's pretty cool.