i have good news!

mj still had it!

we went to see 'this is it' last night and no i did not cry well just the once and you would too unless you are made of the kind of stone that does not get weepy when a man in glittered pants glides in to the room.

it would have been such an awesome concert. which i KNEW. because i am smart and because michael is unable to move without spinning in musical magical circles.

go see it! and sing along. and be marveled by his marvelous dance moves which haven’t lost an ounce of their marvelousness. and catch a rare glimpse at how he helped to create his shows (hands on to the teeny tiny sparkly detail) . and grow to love him a bit more when you see his happy face being hoisted up above the stage in his famous cherry picker.

OH MICHAEL! there will just never be another you.

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steph said...

totally gonna see this