writing on someone else's computer is strange.

we're spending the weekend at jeremy's dad's place, he's gone away somewhere down south, and i'm sitting at a computer that's different than my own. the keys are funny. there's an upside down L where the E should be.

jeremy is gone to an information session on teachers college and every once in a while i'm looking out the window, waiting for him to pull in the driveway.

the sky is grey and you can imagine the rustle just looking at the leaves. my coffee isn't staying warm as long.

it's autumn.

later today we have robynn's baby shower and after that we might have steph and ryan over for a hot tub and some beers and tomorrow i think we'll go see that zombieland movie because zombies are always reason enough to get us to the theatre.

we saw evil dead the musical five times. is that a lot?

it's a week before the wedding and i feel firmly rooted in my life to be. this life i'm already living. last night i had a thought that if my younger self could have invented a time machine and used it to arrive at today, that i would be proud of who i had become.

i know you can't be proud of much in life as it's really mostly chance, but i am. proud to know jeremy, proud to call him mine, proud to stand by him in the bounty of years yet to come.

if next weekend is calm and sunny, great. if it's grey and windy and too cold to linger long outdoors, i'd understand the weather just wanted to come to the wedding.



Miss Yu said...

This post makes my heart hurt just a little. I am so excited for you!

Weather is having its dance out today so that the sun can shine for you and Jeremy tomorrow.

Bonne chance, ma belle!

Congratulations, again and again and again.

And this one's for laughs:

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow...this is beautiful! I'm so proud of you and all that you are and all that you give to your friends, family, husband and the world:)