the part where we talk about food and drinks

many times in a day i think 'boy, am i lucky' and often those are meal time thoughts when i'm simultaneously looking at jeremy and eating something delicious he's prepared and my happy feeling neurons are making a symphony of fire presentation in my head.

jeremy loved that we could use the outdoors as a refrigerator. i loved that we had options when selecting champagne.

our champagne glasses just loved hanging out together outside. the orange flower one later told me that hearing the wind rustling through the leaves made her feel young again. that's nice.

french onion soup for which the cottage had french onion soup bowls. perfection.

lily sausage!! this was delicious actually jeremy loved it and carved off slices with his utility life. so manly. i think that's a husband skill right there.

hot toddies were the official beverage of our honeymoon for sure. so warming and delicious and you shouldn't feel bad if you're drinking them and it's only 10 am because they're basically tea. with brandy instead of boring old milk.

we watched princess bride our first night there (MAWWAGE!) and there's a scene with some delicious looking stew and the next day this was created! ask and ye shall receive! how wonderful. love stew is wonderful. i liked the chunks of love carrot.

no trip (of mine) would be complete without it.

jer's second favourite thing to the outdoor champagne cooler was the stream beer cooler. so cool. in temperature and hip-ness.

we roasted sausages over a fire the day we got engaged and here we are roasting sausages over a fire as marrieds. life is a circle of roasted sausages.

this snack plate was one of our gifts from steph and ryan and it really got its exercise this trip so i hope it was ready for that and didn't get a food cramp.

when you have tons of time ahead of you and you're already where you want to be with the person you want to be with, you spend your time carefully preparing those moments where you'll sit together.

eating snacks, drinking wine by the waterfalls.



steph said...

fricken starving now

Anonymous said...

I agree! What awesome goodies!

lily said... me some wildbore sausage. hehe!