the part where we did outdoor activities

what is the name of this game? you throw/catch an orange ball in a yellow scoop looking thinger. i think i played it in gym class in grade four. i'm just as good as then too.

jer took many photos of me in action and all of them could be me playing this scoop game or me having a dramatic moment with the lord.

this activity is called collecting leaves into a bushel. the bushels were from our wedding they held the programs and some apples in case people wanted an apple that wasn't candied cause there were those too.

secret project! we love arts and crafts. or i do and jeremy has now snuffed enough glitter glue to believe he also does.

canoeing is a lovely activity! especially when your new husband says 'don't worry about paddling' and you turn and face him and he rows you to the middle of the lake where you invent a game miming animals.

my mitts are also socks and this is my snail impression.

more collecting, this time rocks. I LOVE THAT I MARRIED THIS MAN!! this man who indulges me in rock and leaf collection on our honeymoon. i am a blessed woman. with a large and varied rock collection.

fun activity if you're me - blowing fluffy bits of a dried plant all over the place.

jeremy taught me to cast which is so fun and i can't wait to fish a different time and catch something more than a leaf, (you should have seen the size of it!).

rock painting is 100% free and 100% fun. i made a house and a j+j heart. then the sun dried them both away so i'm not really talking to the sun anymore.

jeremy made me a leaf crown with his own bare hands. then later he parted the river in two and walked down the middle to the other side to arm wrestle a bear.

it was chilly almost every day but there was sun. and jeremy. and leaf crowns.
so really all i felt was warm.

and maybe drunk from the hot toddies.


ajnabi said...

your blog is wonderful b-)
good job :-bd

steph said...

that leaf crown rules
this post made me ALMOST cry again