this is not that poem about the footprints in the sand

we saw many footprints when we were camping. maybe it's one of those things that you take notice of and then start to see everywhere, or maybe fall is unofficial footprint season.

we saw deer prints,

moose prints,

racoon prints,

and bear prints.

or maybe all these prints are made from bigfoot's special shoes he wears to throw off campers and photographers from the tabloids.


steph said...

totally bigfoot.
you know what's cool about you guys? that you can identify footprints that aren't people footprints. i've lived in the bush for almost 3 years and i could not come close to your woodsy wisdom. xo

jennifer sorrell said...

i could tell your footprints too. and i'd put reeses pieces in them for you to find your way back.
or however it works in ET.