someone's in the kitchen

i've gone crazy for baking loaves. or to be more accurate and way less dramatic, i've baked three loaves in the past two weeks.

the first was a marmelade tea bread i made for philip and the second was a marmelade tea bread i made for myself and the third was a molasses spice bread i made to use up the molasses from my other recent adventure in cooking - baked beans.

this isn't baking bread, to be sure, but it is a lot like it in the sifting together of the dry ingredients and the whisking together of the wet ingredients and the nice and accurate blending together of the two.

also the pan they bake in and the way they make the house smell both seem to be bread-like qualities, don't you think? mmmmm, baking things. and then mmmmm, eating them.


steph said...

you know that sound homer makes when he thinks something sounds delicious? this post is so delicious i love that first picture. also i want to eat a loaf of each right now.
can you try a zucchini loaf? those are my favourite :)

jennifer sorrell said...

did you see your little mug in there, homer?
it's still my favourite.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow! They look awesome! Good job! You've come a long way from the days of microwave brick cakes ;)

melly said...

YUM. That Marmalade tea loaf thinger was the best thing I ever ate.