the harvest brings pumpkins (and jared geller)

i feel like all my favourite people come to visit in the fall. steph was just here, my mom's coming next month and strapping young jared came from chicago last weekend to walk around with yours truly in the october sun.

usually we meet at a pub over beers but i couldn't help shake the desire to spend our time this visit, with large cups of tea and copious amounts of walking.

maybe it was my new poncho that begged for time outside.

or maybe this cookie called to us from its wicker basket holdings at petite thuet bakery, still warm and soft from the oven.

whatever the reason our usually stationary visit turned mobile and the conversation fluttered from thing to thing as conversations do between old friends, as leaves do when falling whimsically but purposely from the branches of the tree.

thanks for coming, jared! thanks for existing in the world and for being part of mine.

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steph said...

that poncho is magical. xo