the edge of the earth

let's start at the very ending, a very good place to start.

leaving the campground before daylight, we hiked the barron canyon trail to visit the cliff's edge and watch the sun slowly, surely reach her warm arms down, waking and embracing every sleepy thing.

with jeremy's reassurance and the beat of my insides that long to be courageous, i scrambled forward, closer to the edge.

stopping to look now and then, eastward, at the tapestry of nature in all its complete and unforgiving splendor.

feet dangling over the edge, sun warming my face, husband behind me taking pictures, quietly waiting for me to get where i pushed myself to go,

in that moment i thought myself to be in heaven.


steph said...

bee! 2nd last shot is my favourite!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow what beautiful scenery. I like that you were up to see the sun rise. And I agree with Steph, I love that picture too. You look so happy!