jessica and i went as black swan together to pay homage to our love of ballet and theatrics. also our love of each other and halloween. it was a great costume because it was comfortable enough to party in but elaborate enough to feel like you were really going to town.

we put our faces on together in front of my bedroom mirror, all tutus and tights and a circle of makeup. bottles and powders and liners with brushes. silver glitter. hairsprayed buns.

HALLOWEEN! what of it, eh? what of the joy in playing dress up, and the value of pretend in our too often serious adult lives. i can't wait to start planning for next year! or, you know, for wearing this outfit to the library.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer my love, you are playful and whimsical like no one else I know. Thank you for bringing that into my life! You should consider wearing this outfit to work AT LEAST once a week. But you'll probably have to Plie instead of sit in the chair.

xo joanne

Jennyflower's Mom said...
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steph said...

you are the coolest chick alive. you win. this is AWESOME personified!