happy two years!


what other weird names do we have for each other? okay well that first one isn't actually a weird name that's your real name that you came with when you were born. i am SO glad that you were born.

we talk about everything don't we? practical things like pickling and how to sew your favourite holy shirt but also big things like the universe and the truth (or untruth) of saying things like 'i'll always be with you'.

it's a natural human condition to ponder death and meaning when you love someone as much as i love you. are we morbid? or just really in love? a bit of both?

this year has been so big for us. you're almost done school, i started my shop, we're already daydreaming about our next big adventure...

i look around and see us in everything. you are entrenched in my being.

where would we be if not for each other? who would we be if we hadn't pondered this question, together, as we shared the binoculars and took turns counting jupiter's moons.

i am your moon. out in space i explore, fearlessly, knowing i'm held without boundaries. only the gravitational pull of Big Love.

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steph said...

congratulations on finding everything you desire and deserve in life, the two of you. i love you both independently and i love you both together, i wish you all the star gazing and love this life can muster. shine on you crazy diamonds. xoxox for life.