(that means you)

i did a funny job on this handkerchief. the writing doesn't look how it did in the embroidery instructions.

it looks like me though.

i made it one night in the bedroom when you were playing video games and i told you not to come in because i was working on something top secret. sometimes i say that when i'm brushing my teeth but this time i meant it.

that moment we found on our wedding day when i could give this to you was nice because it was just a moment in between some other moments and that's where we always seem to find ourselves. extraordinary in the ordinary.

last week by chance you got on my subway car on the way home and we hugged for that long time and you said it felt like we'd won the lottery and been given 15 minutes and i loved that you said that and i hugged you harder and your neck was warm.

i hope the letters stay on and it doesn't catch and pull and i hope in 50 years it's still legible.

if it isn't i'll read it from memory. if it isn't i'll make it a song.



steph said...

subway part made me cry

but then, subs always make me cry

Anonymous said...


Louie said...

most beautiful thing I've read in a long time..............