all the news that is the news

time flies when you're busy inventing new alcoholic beverages! it's november and i feel like that should mean snow but it doesn't and there's still yellow leaves on the tree out the window.

and we're still talking about the wedding.

we started to read articles on factory farmed meat and got scared into being vegetarians. we still do eat meat occasionally and when we do, we get it from the market or the healthy butcher - places that can tell you about the farm the meat came from. places that know the farmers name.

there are so many tasty vegetarian dishes we really feel opened up to a new world, rather than shut off from an old one.

and anyways we get to use the snack plate more.

i made this pouch for jeremy's ipod from old scraps of material, some from the wedding, some from halloween. it's a tree and there's a little heart carved in the bark and there's love in all the stitching.

jeremy sent me flowers to work last week. yellow ones. happy ones.

so many people stopped by my desk to ask what the occasion was and i answered 'no occasion' and turned a shade of pink and loved jeremy so much my heart became visible through my shirt like et's all those times he gets excited.

i brought them home for the weekend so they could retire peacefully.

every year (starting last or the one before) we've been on the hunt for the perfect hot alcoholic beverage. last year we found the hot toddy and stopped there to enjoy those for a spell and now we're on the hunt again. royal cider grog sounds funny and tastes delicious. i added cloves into the pot the second time we made them - even better!

tastes like christmas.

mmmmm christmas.


lily said...

I know what you mean about the factory farmed meats - ugh! Have you watched Food Inc? It's all about the food industry in the states, but I'm sure a lot of it holds true for Canada.

Alison said...

I try to go to Cumbrae on Church as much as possible, but it can get a little pricey. I think that's the farm that supplies the Healthy Butcher so it might be cheaper. They also have the most amazing olives there!

steph said...

i love the pouch!

also i think the meat we eat up here counts as not scary meat.